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Lionbridge Danmark – snart på de sociale medier

Vi har i Lionbridge Danmark har haft besøg af vores nye kollega og social media ekspert, Sergio Restrepo fra Darwin Zone, Costa Rica. Continue reading »

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Why Choose a Language Service Provider Over Internal Resources?

One of the biggest opportunities and challenges for your growing business is going global. A global presence can be an asset to your business if you have the required capabilities and knowledge to make the seamless transition from a local market to a global market.

Going global seems like an intuitive next step for any business focused on growth. The often blinding allure of going global is the ability to reach a larger market; a much larger market. However, the ability to reach this larger market must be seen as the end result of successfully designing and implementing a global strategy.

The first step to implementing a global strategy is ensuring that the global market you are targeting will be able to understand and identify with your vision, mission, and subsequent brand messaging and content. This means that before going global, your products, documents, advertisements, websites, and any other content pertinent to your business must be translated. Your new global target market is statistically twice as likely to complete a business transaction if they are being reached by their native language.

A free online translation tool seems like the obvious answer, right? Unfortunately, online translation tools do not provide the brainpower of a human translator and a language service provider (LSP). When entering the world of free online translation, your business could be sacrificing quality for cost. Word-for-word translations done by a machine are not “smart,” they cannot evaluate the context, cultural implications, and audience perception of message being translated into a foreign language. The input is converted into an output with no value added.

“Fine, we will just have Andy from IT translate our content. He knows Spanish, he will get the job done.”

Using in-house resources may also seem like a quick and virtually free fix, but suddenly Andy has to install new software on all the office computers. Your business’ efforts and plan to go global just took a back seat and your translation project has come to a screeching halt.

Who will translate your content and assist your business in reaching a new global market? We mentioned the term Language Service Provider (LSP) and they are the answer to your translation needs.

So here’s the breakdown on why your business should invest in an LSP over other resources:

  • Passing off your translation needs to a LSP will not strain internal resources who have other responsibilities
  • Trusting translation projects with a LSP ensures work is done correctly the first time by professional human translators who are highly qualified and specialized
  • Furthermore, choosing a LSP guarantees work is done consistently by utilizing same resources
  • Professional translators are equipped with the latest linguistic tools (Translation Memory, Glossaries, and Style Guides) which allows for optimized project efficiency and quality

Above all, LSPs also localize. This means that a professional LSP makes sure content is the correct tone and context and takes into account relevant cultural implications. Localization is best performed by native speakers who understand how messages can be interpreted by the target audience. Failing to value localization when meeting your business’ translation needs can be costly if your target market is misinterpreting messages as confusing, inappropriate, or downright offensive.

In the end, choosing an LSP to help your business achieve global market presence will ensure quality, appropriately communicate your brand message and content, and save time and money by not detracting from internal resources.

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Nu även på Twitter

Lionbridge Sverige finns nu på Twitter under namnet: @LionbridgeSWE

Första inlägget ligger redan uppe. Välkommen att följa oss även där!

Polska firma na globalnym rynku Blog

Polska firma na rozdrożach zagranicznej ekspansji

Ekspansja zagraniczna polskich firm jest kluczowym warunkiem dynamicznego rozwoju polskiej gospodarki, która w ostatnim dziesięcioleciu urosła blisko o połowę i odnotowała najwyższą obok Słowacji stopę wzrostu PKB wśród krajów UE. W tym czasie kraje UE-9 osiągnęły średni wzrost gospodarczy na poziomie 28%, zaś kraje „starej Unii” na poziomie 11%. Rośnie również wartość polskiego eksportu, która w porównaniu z rokiem ubiegłym wzrosła o 5,39% i osiągnęła rekordową wartość około 650 mld PLN. W roku 2013, po raz pierwszy od okresu transformacji, więcej towarów eksportowano z Polski niż do niej importowano. Continue reading »

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Lionbridge in Partnership with Author-it

Optimierung des Übersetzungsworkflow durch Anbindung an Freeway

Author-it und Lionbridge bieten im Rahmen ihrer langjährigen Partnerschaft eine Lösung für die Umsetzung mehrsprachiger Inhalte an. Lokalisieren Sie Ihre Unternehmensinhalte über effiziente Prozesse in beliebig viele Sprachen, ohne dabei den Überblick zu verlieren. Schnell und kostengünstig.

Nutzen Sie Author-it auch für mehrsprachige Anforderungen als Single-Source-Lösung.





Markus Drießen
Solution Architect

Erfahren Sie in dieser Demo wie Sie die Umsetzungszeiten für Fremdsprachen um bis zu 60% reduzieren können.

Wann: Mittwoch, 12. November 2014 um 16:45 Uhr

Wo:     tekom Jahrestagung 2014 in Stuttgart – Halle C2, Stand 2/G06







Gerne steht Herr Drießen Ihnen auch an unserem Messestand 2/C01 für ein Gespräch zur Verfügung.

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EBay ottaa käyttöön Lionbridgen älykkään lokalisointialustan

Verkkohuutokauppa eBay valitsi Lionbridgen Cross Border Trade -hankkeen käännöskumppaniksi Euroopassa. EBay ottaa käyttöön Lionbridgen onDemand API:n, jonka avulla eBay-myyjät voivat kääntää helposti myynti-ilmoituksia. Myyjät valitsevat tuotteet, käännättävät tekstit muutamalla napin painalluksella ja saavat tuotteensa nopeasti tarjolle paikallisille markkinoille. Kaikki tämä on integroitu suoraan verkkokauppa-alustaan.


Lionbridgen ja eBayn yhteistyö on jatkunut jo pitkään, ja nyt kumppanuus syvenee alustaintegraatioon. Hankkeessa ovat mukana seuraavat verkkokauppa-alustat: Afterbuy, Channel Advisor, eFulfillment, eSeller Pro, 4Sellers, Linnworks, M2EPro (Magento) ja PlentyMarkets. EBay haluaa näin auttaa myyjiään kasvattamaan liiketoimintaansa yli kielirajojen.


Lionbridgen onDemand API on ensimmäinen ohjelmointirajapinta, jonka avulla voidaan ottaa huomioon erilaiset sisällöt ja optimoida kustannukset oikealla käännöstavan valinnalla. OnDemand API sopii erinomaisesti verkkokauppaympäristöön, jossa käännösten nopeus, skaalautuvuus, laatu ja tehokkuus ovat valttia.

Lisää aiheesta englanniksi lehdistötiedotteessamme.

Global Marketing Operations Blog

New Publication Focuses on Breaking Language Barriers

Interested in gaining guidance and accessing a range of tools and resources about the language and global translation industry? Look no further than TAUS, an online resource center that connects members to a variety of useful tools about the language and translation industry to improve the communication amongst people and businesses throughout the world. They offer a variety of services, including:

  • Research & Reports
  • TAUS Workshops
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Professional Directories
  • Events
  • And More!

TAUS has released an innovative online magazine called TAUS Review, which publishes reports and articles from Africa, Americas, Asia & Europe about new technologies and developments in the global translation industry. TAUS Review is a free magazine that offers unique insights into the translation industry by incorporating use cases and perspectives from four different ‘personas’ to emphasize the importance of global communication. This quarterly magazine is aimed at promoting the TAUS mission of making translation technology more prominent and mainstream throughout the globe to break language barriers and improve worldwide communication.

Check out TAUS Review’s latest edition today!


Business Process Crowdsourcing Blog

The Need for Interpretation Services in Health Care Systems

With a growing international population and millions of previously uninsured Americans gaining health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, the need for interpretation services in health systems has never been greater. The increase in adult patients speaking foreign languages, coupled with ACA mandates on interpretation services in hospitals, have thrust medical interpreters to the forefront of a landmark decision in healthcare. Continue reading »

Life Sciences Blog

Global Patient Recruitment: Top Barriers To Efficient Enrollment

Patient recruitment is mandatory for all phases of clinical trials, yet it’s often treated like a distant afterthought. Patient recruitment delays are the main reason why clinical trials fail to complete on time. CW Weekly cited results from research conducted by Cutting Edge Information that an estimated 80% of trials fail to meet enrollment timelines, with as many as 50% of research trial sites enrolling one or no patients. These factors can cause a trial sponsor to lose millions of dollars by having to extend study timelines—subsequently delaying the drug’s regulatory clearance and greatly impacting sales. Continue reading »

Travel & Hospitality Blog

What are the Best Global Websites in Travel & Hospitality?

Lionbridge is proud to partner with John Yunker, President of Byte Level Research to unveil a new report titled: Web Globalization and the Travel Industry: Benchmarking the Best Global Websites.

Join us on May 20th at 11am EST to learn best practices and recommendations for your Travel and Hospitality website. Listen in as Clint Poole, VP of Corporate Marketing, Lionbridge, talks with John about the good, the great and the ‘could be better’. If you are evaluating strategic growth this year in your global digital strategy, register here.

In addition to hotels, cruises, and transportation companies, a new category has been included on DMOs.  For more info on Byte Level Research: visit Byte Level Research


Global Language & Translation Blog

Global Training and Development Trends [Industry Report]

We live in a knowledge economy where a skilled workforce and educated audience are key components to enterprise-wide success. A globally dispersed workforce doesn’t just add logistical challenges to training efforts, it also adds a layer of complexity to the technologies promising to reduce the difficulties faced by learning organizations.

So how are organizations evolving their learning strategies and practices to meet growing global development needs? What technologies have been  embraced by learning leaders and audiences, and what are the greatest challenges to success? Continue reading »

Global Consumer Blog

Marketing to APAC (the Asia-Pacific region)

If you’re doing business in – or expanding into – the Asia-Pacific (APAC) area, I have a really good 2-part best practices article for you to read on the PitneyBowes blog: Tips and Best Practices for Targeting an APAC Audience. Continue reading »