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Palvelukseen halutaan aito ja rohkea tarinankertoja

Teksti: Heli Hytönen

Kuva: Pixabay

Yritysviestinnästä ei voi enää oikein puhua mainitsematta big dataa tai tekoälyä. Toisaalta viestinnän merkityksestä ylipäätään puhutaan myös koko ajan enemmän. Muutos on ollut nopeaa ja vauhti vain kiihtyy. Vain muutama vuosi sitten oli kiellettyä käyttää sosiaalista mediaa työajalla, nykyään lähes jokaiseen puljuun kaivataan työntekijälähettiläitä. Täydennetty ja virtuaalitodellisuus, paikkatiedot ja tekoäly mahdollistavat uudenlaisia tapoja viestiä ja markkinoida asiakkaita kiinnostavalla tavalla juuri otollisena ajankohtana.

Mitä muuttuva viestintäympäristö sitten tarkoittaa tämän päivän viestintäammattilaiselle? Osallistuin kesäkuussa 2017 Meltwaterin ja Digitalistin Communication Forumiin, jossa viestinnän tulevaisuutta käsiteltiin monipuolisen puhujakattauksen voimin. Tässä omat tärppini tilaisuuden annista. Continue reading »

Lionbridge Sverige Blog

6 bra anledningar att översätta hemsidor

Att vi lever i en digital värld är ett faktum som inte har undgått någon. En digital värld där ett företags hemsida ofta är det viktigaste verktyget för att öka försäljningen till nya kunder och skaffa nya marknadsandelar. Här kommer sex bra anledningar till att översätta hemsidor – det finns troligtvis många fler. Continue reading »

Lionbridge Danmark Blog

6 gode grunde til at få oversat din hjemmeside

Du har sikkert allerede hørt det en million gange, men derfor er det ikke mindre vigtigt; vi lever i en digital verden. Flere undersøgelser viser, at en virksomheds hjemmeside ofte er det vigtigste værktøj, når det handler om at øge salget i nye kundekredse og vinde indpas på nye markeder. Her får du 6 gode grunde til, at du bør få oversat din hjemmeside – og der er sikkert mange flere. Continue reading »

Polska firma na globalnym rynku Blog

Subtitling: tanie lokalizowanie filmów video

Jak najszybciej, najtaniej i najwygodniej udostępnić klip video we wszystkich możliwych jezykach? Dodać napisy! Zobacz, jak wygląda proces tworzenia napisów. Continue reading »

World Wide Sourcing Blog

Join the Lionbridge Team!

Join the Lionbridge Team!

You love virtual reality.

You love social media.

You love working from home.

You love community

Come join us.

Lionbridge (NASDAQ:LIOX) is currently looking for Community Manager for 30 hours per week to work from their homes.  You would be joining a global, home-based team, charged with researching and founding community in the UK for a Virtual Reality product.

We all work remotely but we are a cohesive unit.  So you must be willing (and enthusiastic!) about being involved in video chats and other collaborative methods for communicating remotely.

Following would be your typical tasks:

  • Identify hashtags
  • Locate regional community hubs
  • Document ally brands
  • Identify user groups
  • Identify IRL events
  • Identify top UGC and influencers from the community for sharing and retweeting
  • Moderate social media channels
  • Report on community trends
  • Attend regular meetings (remotely, via web conferencing)


  1. Virtual Reality enthusiast!
  2. Social media savvy
  3. Moderation experience

We are looking for mature individuals with experience in community management and community research, preferably for the Virtual Reality industry, with a passion for serving and engaging community members.

If interested, please send your CV and a cover letter to and

Lionbridge Deutschland Blog

Übersetzung, Lokalisierung und jetzt noch Transcreation?

Im vorhergehenden Beitrag haben Sie den Unterschied zwischen Übersetzung und Lokalisierung kennengelernt.

Wenn Sie jedoch international unterwegs sind und Ihr Produkt nicht nur auf die Funktion
bezogen und linguistisch betrachtet “funktionieren” soll, sondern Sie auch die emotionalen
und kreativen Absichten Ihrer Markeninhalte aufrecht erhalten möchten, dann ziehen Sie
Transcreation in Betracht.


Was passiert bei der Transcreation und wann sollten Sie Ihre Inhalte mit Hilfe von Transcreation adaptieren?

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Life Sciences Blog

Taking the Pulse of Life Sciences Leaders at DIA 2015

The Drug Information Association (DIA) is an association long-recognized as playing a significant role in transferring vital information across the globe to help raise the level of health and well-being worldwide. Many DIA members are innovators in science and medicine, driving forces behind global research and the medicines that result. Lionbridge Life Sciences had an opportunity to hear from dozens of DIA members at their annual meeting in June in Washington D.C. regarding key factors surrounding global clinical trials. Continue reading »

Global Language & Translation Blog

Preparing for Global Service Expansion

‘Global governance with local execution’ is the philosophy followed by a large number of organizations looking to expand their service operations across the globe. In fact, a recent The Service Council (TSC) research survey revealed that nearly 9 out of 10 enterprise-level organizations operate service in more than one geography, and across all revenue classes, nearly three out of four organizations are looking to further expand their global service presence. This is either done by entering new geographies with the help of professional translation services or by delivering new service offerings in supported geographies.
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Global Marketing Operations Blog

New Publication Focuses on Breaking Language Barriers

Interested in gaining guidance and accessing a range of tools and resources about the language services and global translation industry? Look no further than TAUS, an online resource center that connects members to a variety of useful tools about the language and translation industry to improve the communication amongst people and businesses throughout the world. They offer a variety of services, including:
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Business Process Crowdsourcing Blog

The Need for Interpretation Services in Health Care Systems

With a growing international population and millions of previously uninsured Americans gaining health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, the need for interpretation services in health systems has never been greater. The increase in adult patients speaking foreign languages, coupled with ACA mandates on interpretation services in hospitals, have thrust medical interpreters to the forefront of a landmark decision in healthcare. Continue reading »

Veritest Blog

Three Questions to Ask your Mobile Testing Partner

In 2008, there were less than a thousand apps available through the iTunes store. Today, that number tops 1.2 million. There are more than a billion smartphones currently in use worldwide, with new devices being launched every single week. However, for those tasked with bringing a product to market, automated mobile testing isn’t widely adopted at this time.

The major drawback to automated mobile testing is the inability to replicate and repeat a test across multiple devices and operating systems. Although there are automated tests which will put a device or application through its paces, it becomes laborious and time intensive (and hence, more expensive) to set up that test to run on a majority of the options currently in use. Continue reading »

Travel & Hospitality Blog

What are the Best Global Websites in Travel & Hospitality?

Lionbridge is proud to partner with John Yunker, President of Byte Level Research to unveil a new report titled: Web Globalization and the Travel Industry: Benchmarking the Best Global Websites.

Join us on May 20th at 11am EST to learn best practices and recommendations for your Travel and Hospitality website. Listen in as Clint Poole, VP of Corporate Marketing, Lionbridge, talks with John about the good, the great and the ‘could be better’. If you are evaluating strategic growth this year in your global digital strategy, register here.

In addition to hotels, cruises, and transportation companies, a new category has been included on DMOs.  For more info on Byte Level Research: visit Byte Level Research


Global Consumer Blog

Marketing to APAC (the Asia-Pacific region)

If you’re doing business in – or expanding into – the Asia-Pacific (APAC) area, I have a really good 2-part best practices article for you to read on the PitneyBowes blog: Tips and Best Practices for Targeting an APAC Audience. Continue reading »