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Greek Business Etiquette

Καλώς ήρθατε στην Ελλάδα. (Kallos irthatay steen Ellath.) (“Welcome to Greece” in Greek.)

Today in America, Greece is probably best known for its ancient mythologies and toga parties. Although the history and culture of the country are still important topics, Greece is much more than a history lesson.  Home to more than 11 million people, Greece has a Mediterranean climate and is a tourist destination for many because of its beautiful beaches, islands, churches, cities and of course the historical ruins and museums.

Let’s learn about the dos and don’ts of Greek business etiquette.

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Lionbridge Danmark Blog

Sproget i internationale virksomheder: ’Corporate’ eller ’common’?

I sidste uge tilbragte vi en dag på Copenhagen Business School til et yderst interessant – og ikke mindst relevant – seminar om sprogets rolle i internationale virksomheder. En problemstilling, der kom op flere gange i løbet af dagen, var problematikken i, at sprogets rolle ikke bliver taget seriøst. Derfor gik en stor del af debatten på, hvordan man kan få virksomheder til at forstå sprogets relevans.

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Lionbridge Deutschland Blog

Webinare: Customer Experience Week geht in die 2. Runde

Nach einer sehr erfolgreichen Customer Experience Week im Juni 2015 und einer hohen Nachfrage geht es nun weiter. Die Customer Experience Week geht in die 2. Runde.Es erwarten Sie spannende und neue Webinare rund um das Thema Kundenservice in der digitalen Welt! Sichern Sie sich rechtzeitig einen der begehrten Plätze.

Mit der 2. Customer-Experience-Week präsentieren sich vom 19. – 23. Oktober 2015 die in der i-Service Initiative zusammengeschlossenen Experten in 36 Webinaren.


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Polska firma na globalnym rynku Blog

Niestandardowe tłumaczenia testowe — jak ocenić jakość tłumaczenia

W firmie tłumaczeniowej proces tłumaczenia testowego zazwyczaj różni się od standardowego procesu tłumaczenia i nie zawsze jest zgodny z najlepszymi praktykami branżowymi. Takie niestandardowe podejście leży jednak w interesie zleceniodawcy, ponieważ oszczędza czas, minimalizuje ryzyko i pozwala wybrać najlepszego podwykonawcę. Continue reading »

Life Sciences Blog

Success Lies Beyond Compliance

Stopping at baseline compliance with ISO quality standards is a missed opportunity for both the localization provider and its customers.

The expectations from Life Sciences customers of their language service providers (LSPs) go beyond mere certification to ISO standards. A supplier is seen as a partner in managing quality and risk, and their quality management system is considered an extension of their own.

  • Elements or procedures that may seem secondary from a language service provider’s point of view have crucial relevance to the customer’s own management system, and therefore understandably need to be respected and incorporated.
  • It is not surprising, therefore, that the importance of the broader business context of the organization, of the customer and other interested parties, and the need for a comprehensive approach to risk is being recognized in the new, updated version of the 9001 standard (ISO 9001:2015).


Commitment and Discipline Essential
Maintaining an effective Quality Management System is not a trivial job as it requires commitment from management, dedication of qualified resources and, as importantly, operational discipline. Efficiency is key to feasibility through the proper use of existing tools, materials and practices to achieve full compliance. Therefore, these additional expectations from customers may at first seem an extra hurdle, but in reality can offer both the customer and the LSP many incremental benefits:

  • An increased focus on training has a direct impact on improved employee performance
  • Further standardization of procedures promotes consistent results
  • Traceability and record keeping drive accountability in a field where human error can play a big role
  • Disciplined risk assessment and review minimize potential pitfalls in the fast-paced environment of translation services
  • An enhanced quality system gives the organization the tools to correct procedures when failure occurs and the framework to continually improve the processes

A Stronger Partnership Results
However, the ultimate benefit is when the localization provider’s quality management system evolves to more closely resemble that of its customer, it builds up an understanding of the customer’s business environment and gives both customer and supplier a common platform to collaborate towards improved product quality and an even stronger partnership.

A strategic quality system does not reflect a theoretical standard, but becomes itself the standard between supplier and customer, which they can in turn use to align common goals and avoid shared risks.

What strategies have you devised to make sure your evolving Quality Standards still align with your Language Service Provider’s? Please let me know your thoughts by contacting me at


Marcio Correa is Manager, Global Quality and Process for Lionbridge Life Sciences, serving as ISO Management Representative and Certified Lead Auditor, and holds a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Lionbridge Suomi Blog

Menestyksen SEOs – miksi suomalaisen vientiyrityksen kannattaa kiinnostua monikielisestä hakukoneoptimoinnista

Teksti: Heli Hytönen

Hakukoneoptimointi eli SEO auttaa ihmisiä löytämään verkon syövereistä sen, mitä he olivat etsimässä. Samalla se auttaa yrityksiä tuottamaan sisältöä, joka vastaa tiedonhakijoiden eli mahdollisten asiakkaiden tarpeisiin.

Yhä useampi tekee ostoksia verkossa tai vähintäänkin etsii tuotteista tai palveluista tietoa ennen ostopäätöstä. Suomalaistenkin vientiyritysten kannattaa huomioida, että englanninkielinen tuotetieto ei useinkaan aina riitä. Common Sense Advisoryn ”Can’t read, won’t buy” -tutkimusraportin mukaan verkkokaupoista tehdään ostoksia mieluiten omalla äidinkielellä. Aiheesta on kirjoitettu myös Lionbridgen blogissa. Itse verkkokaupan kielen lisäksi ostopäätökseen vaikuttaa se, onko tuotteista tarjolla tietoa omalla kielellä. Mitä arvokkaammasta ostoksesta on kyse, sitä tärkeämpää on saada tietoa sillä kielellä, jota parhaiten ymmärtää. Continue reading »

Lionbridge Sverige Blog

Vi firar!

För tredje året i rad har Lionbridge rankats som världens största LSP (Language Service Provider) i Common Sense Advisorys årliga undersökning, vilket vi är oerhört stolta över! För att fira så har vi just nu en tävling där man har möjlighet att vinna en iWatch från Apple. Lägg upp din bästa glassbild på Instagram och tagga den med #glassigsommar15. Sista tävlingsdag är den 31 augusti 2015.

Som strategisk språkpartner hjälper vi företag att effektivt översätta och lokalisera sitt innehåll och därmed öka sina marknadsandelar globalt. En tydlig trend hos våra kunder är automatisering av översättningsprocessen för olika kanaler. Med en av våra smarta, tekniska lösningar som vi på Lionbridge kallar konnektorer blir språkhanteringen både snabbare och effektivare.

På den nordiska marknaden är intresset för InRiver PIM stort och det växer hela tiden. Under våren har vi fått flera nya spännande kunder, och vi uppgraderar nu vår Lionbridge InRiver-konnektor till version 2.0. På Lionbridge arbetar vi ständigt med att utveckla vår teknik och vi har konnektorer till ett flertal PIM- och CMS-system, till exempel EpiServer, Hybris, Sitecore, Adobe Experience Manager, InRiver, SharePoint, Sitefinity, Oracle WebCenter och AuthorIt.


World Wide Sourcing Blog

The end of LTB reporting? Well, at least for you!

The end of LTB reporting? Well, at least for you!

TMS adopts automated LTB reporting in onDemand

It is our pleasure to announce to all our onDemand vendors that starting by mid of July you will not need to create and upload your LTB reports manually anymore when working with TMS. Our system will soon be capable of doing this automatically for you.

Once our new automated LTB feature is deployed on TMS, you will just need to check in your translated XLZ files and TMS will handle the report for you. This means for you, say your goodbye to:


  • Lost time spent on reading lengthy instructions
  • Efforts of installing and continuously updating LTB
  • Dealing with the search for the correct LTB configurations
  • Requests from our language team to re-run a report because it is faulty


This will all soon be the past. The future holds a refined process that will save us at Lionbridge as well as you as our valued vendor time through automation. The new process will roughly look like this:


  1. Check in your translated XLZ files without the self-created LTB report
  2. TMS will auto-generate the LTB report for you
  3. You will receive the Check_LTB_Report_and_Fix_Issues task along with the auto-generated LTB report
  4. You will still have to comment the LTB report, fix all valid issues in the XLZ file/s and deliver them along with the commented report
  5. Our language leads will assess your delivery and pass it on if all is fine


We hope that you are as excited about this new, timesaving feature as we are. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and simply contact us via

Global Language & Translation Blog

Preparing for Global Service Expansion

‘Global governance with local execution’ is the philosophy followed by a large number of organizations looking to expand their service operations across the globe. In fact, a recent The Service Council (TSC) research survey revealed that nearly 9 out of 10 enterprise-level organizations operate service in more than one geography, and across all revenue classes, nearly three out of four organizations are looking to further expand their global service presence. This is either done by entering new geographies with the help of professional translation services or by delivering new service offerings in supported geographies.
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Global Marketing Operations Blog

New Publication Focuses on Breaking Language Barriers

Interested in gaining guidance and accessing a range of tools and resources about the language services and global translation industry? Look no further than TAUS, an online resource center that connects members to a variety of useful tools about the language and translation industry to improve the communication amongst people and businesses throughout the world. They offer a variety of services, including:
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Business Process Crowdsourcing Blog

The Need for Interpretation Services in Health Care Systems

With a growing international population and millions of previously uninsured Americans gaining health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, the need for interpretation services in health systems has never been greater. The increase in adult patients speaking foreign languages, coupled with ACA mandates on interpretation services in hospitals, have thrust medical interpreters to the forefront of a landmark decision in healthcare. Continue reading »

Veritest Blog

Three Questions to Ask your Mobile Testing Partner

In 2008, there were less than a thousand apps available through the iTunes store. Today, that number tops 1.2 million. There are more than a billion smartphones currently in use worldwide, with new devices being launched every single week. However, for those tasked with bringing a product to market, automated mobile testing isn’t widely adopted at this time.

The major drawback to automated mobile testing is the inability to replicate and repeat a test across multiple devices and operating systems. Although there are automated tests which will put a device or application through its paces, it becomes laborious and time intensive (and hence, more expensive) to set up that test to run on a majority of the options currently in use. Continue reading »

Travel & Hospitality Blog

What are the Best Global Websites in Travel & Hospitality?

Lionbridge is proud to partner with John Yunker, President of Byte Level Research to unveil a new report titled: Web Globalization and the Travel Industry: Benchmarking the Best Global Websites.

Join us on May 20th at 11am EST to learn best practices and recommendations for your Travel and Hospitality website. Listen in as Clint Poole, VP of Corporate Marketing, Lionbridge, talks with John about the good, the great and the ‘could be better’. If you are evaluating strategic growth this year in your global digital strategy, register here.

In addition to hotels, cruises, and transportation companies, a new category has been included on DMOs.  For more info on Byte Level Research: visit Byte Level Research


Global Consumer Blog

Marketing to APAC (the Asia-Pacific region)

If you’re doing business in – or expanding into – the Asia-Pacific (APAC) area, I have a really good 2-part best practices article for you to read on the PitneyBowes blog: Tips and Best Practices for Targeting an APAC Audience. Continue reading »