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Lion in the Limelight: Ana Tantum


Welcome back to the next addition to our Lion in the Limelight series! Today we’re spotlighting one of our talented Junior Sales Reps, Miss Ana Tantum. Originally hailing from Trumbull, CT, Ana has found her new home just minutes away from our office in Waltham at Bentley University. Not only is she an avid student majoring in Economics AND Marketing, she represents the true spirit and rigor of the Falcons as a member of Bentley’s Division I Women’s Soccer Team. On top of that, she also participates in her school’s intramural sports (we can’t doubt that she’s a real “team player”)!

A true adventurist, Ana can often be found exploring and enjoying the outdoors. Among her favorite outside activities (besides kicking GRASS in soccer) are skiing and simply lounging on the beach. Inspired by her love for nature, Ana has developed a passion for travel. Growing up, she spent many of her summers in her mother’s homeland, Puerto Rico. Soon, she’ll be hearing even more of the charming Spanish language as she embarks to Barcelona to study abroad next school year. Fun fact: Ana’s beloved and massive yellow lab, Pedro, can thank Ana for his namesake–Ana was a huge fan of Napoleon Dynamite growing up!

Intrigued by the global expanse of Lionbridge, Ana found that the opportunities with onDemand were perfect for focusing her worldly knowledge and applicable experience towards brand managing. Ana fondly remembers her interview as an introduction to the fun and motivated team environment her at onDemand. Driven by her love for competition yet grounded by her appreciation for working as a team, Ana has proven to be an invaluable addition to our sales squad!


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Wskazówki dotyczące tłumaczenia stron WWW

Wpływ zmiany sposobu komunikowania się z klientami na podejście do tłumaczenia stron WWW

Za pośrednictwem Internetu można błyskawicznie dotrzeć do klientów na całym świecie. W wyniku dynamicznego rozwoju cyfrowych kanałów komunikacji wejście na szczebel globalny wydaje się być łatwe i proste.

Aby dotrzeć z przekazem do klientów zagranicznych, nie wystarczy jednak zwyczajnie przetłumaczyć strony internetowej „słowo w słowo”, należy bowiem mieć na uwadze uwarunkowania kulturowe, kontekst i kanał komunikacji. Innymi słowy, należy odpowiednio „zlokalizować” witrynę internetową, aby spełnić wymogi i oczekiwania danego rynku docelowego.

W tym celu warto uwzględnić w swoich działaniach sprawdzone, kompleksowe podejście, które ułatwia tłumaczenie stron WWW, optymalizuje stosowanie słów kluczowych i wpisuje się w globalny program marketingu realizowanego za pośrednictwem treści w pełni dostosowanych do konkretnego odbiorcy. Continue reading »

Life Sciences Blog

The Real-time Communication Gap in Life Sciences, and a Way Forward

Life sciences companies face an ongoing language challenge as their geographic footprint expands: communicating in real-time with non-English speaking individuals both inside and outside of their organizations.


Certainly, a vast amount of content produced and distributed by life sciences organizations is outside the realm of real-time communications, requiring a fully-compliant content approval process. Continue reading »

World Wide Sourcing Blog

The end of LTB reporting? Well, at least for you!

The end of LTB reporting? Well, at least for you!

TMS adopts automated LTB reporting in onDemand

It is our pleasure to announce to all our onDemand vendors that starting by mid of July you will not need to create and upload your LTB reports manually anymore when working with TMS. Our system will soon be capable of doing this automatically for you.

Once our new automated LTB feature is deployed on TMS, you will just need to check in your translated XLZ files and TMS will handle the report for you. This means for you, say your goodbye to:


  • Lost time spent on reading lengthy instructions
  • Efforts of installing and continuously updating LTB
  • Dealing with the search for the correct LTB configurations
  • Requests from our language team to re-run a report because it is faulty


This will all soon be the past. The future holds a refined process that will save us at Lionbridge as well as you as our valued vendor time through automation. The new process will roughly look like this:


  1. Check in your translated XLZ files without the self-created LTB report
  2. TMS will auto-generate the LTB report for you
  3. You will receive the Check_LTB_Report_and_Fix_Issues task along with the auto-generated LTB report
  4. You will still have to comment the LTB report, fix all valid issues in the XLZ file/s and deliver them along with the commented report
  5. Our language leads will assess your delivery and pass it on if all is fine


We hope that you are as excited about this new, timesaving feature as we are. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and simply contact us via

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Kohti visuaalisempaa tuoteviestintää

Teksti: Titta Majala

Tekninen kirjoitus on jo useamman vuoden ajan elänyt kiehtovaa murroskautta. Vielä jokunen vuosi sitten myös meillä Lionbridgella hallinnoitiin paljolti perinteisiä kirjoitusprojekteja, joissa tuotettiin tekstiä laajoihin dokumenttikirjastoihin valmiiden mallien mukaisesti. Visuaalisen viestinnän kysyntä on kuitenkin jatkuvassa kasvussa, eikä kuvia käytetä enää pääasiallisesti tekstin tukemiseen vaan tasa-arvoisena tai dominoivana esitysmuotona. Sosiaalisen median kanavilta tuttu tiivistetty, kuvapainotteinen, helposti pureksittava ja jaettava muoto toimiikin usein mainiosti tuoteviestinnässä. Continue reading »

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Sådan bliver dit brætspil gjort dansk

Af Jette Kortermann, sproglig medarbejder hos Lionbridge Denmark

De færreste tænker måske over, at brætspil oftest er udviklet på engelsk og derefter bliver oversat til alverdens sprog. Udfordringen i denne proces er, at brætspillet ikke blot skal oversættes, men det skal også tilpasses kulturen på det marked, brætspillet sælges på.

Continue reading »

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Webinare: Auswirkungen von Digitalisierung auf die globale Kommunikation

Auswirkungen von Digitalisierung auf die globale Kommunikation

Wussten Sie, dass 72% der Verbraucher ein Produkt mit Informationen in ihrer eigenen Sprache bevorzugt kaufen?

56% der Verbraucher sagen sogar, dass Produktinformationen in ihrer eigenen Sprache eine höhere Priorität haben als der Preis.


Im Rahmen der Webinar Reihe Customer Experience Weekder i-Service Initiative vom 8. bis 12. Juni 2015 wird das Thema Customer Experience aus unterschiedlichen Blickwinkeln beleuchtet.

Lionbridge als Teil der Initiative ist mit folgenden Webinaren dabei, zu denen wir Sie herzlichst einladen:
Continue reading »

Lionbridge Sverige Blog

Alla pratar väl engelska?

Lionbridge var på D-Congress igår tillsammans med över 1 350 glada besökare! En inspirerande och otroligt givande dag som täckte e-handel, digitalisering och globalisering från en rad olika perspektiv. Vad krävs egentligen för att lyckas och vilka utmaningar står e-handeln inför? Det var ett par av de frågor som diskuterades.

Continue reading »

Global Language & Translation Blog

Preparing for Global Service Expansion

‘Global governance with local execution’ is the philosophy followed by a large number of organizations looking to expand their service operations across the globe. In fact, a recent The Service Council (TSC) research survey revealed that nearly 9 out of 10 enterprise-level organizations operate service in more than one geography, and across all revenue classes, nearly three out of four organizations are looking to further expand their global service presence. This is either done by entering new geographies with the help of professional translation services or by delivering new service offerings in supported geographies.
Continue reading »

Global Marketing Operations Blog

New Publication Focuses on Breaking Language Barriers

Interested in gaining guidance and accessing a range of tools and resources about the language services and global translation industry? Look no further than TAUS, an online resource center that connects members to a variety of useful tools about the language and translation industry to improve the communication amongst people and businesses throughout the world. They offer a variety of services, including:
Continue reading »

Business Process Crowdsourcing Blog

The Need for Interpretation Services in Health Care Systems

With a growing international population and millions of previously uninsured Americans gaining health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, the need for interpretation services in health systems has never been greater. The increase in adult patients speaking foreign languages, coupled with ACA mandates on interpretation services in hospitals, have thrust medical interpreters to the forefront of a landmark decision in healthcare. Continue reading »

Veritest Blog

Three Questions to Ask your Mobile Testing Partner

In 2008, there were less than a thousand apps available through the iTunes store. Today, that number tops 1.2 million. There are more than a billion smartphones currently in use worldwide, with new devices being launched every single week. However, for those tasked with bringing a product to market, automated mobile testing isn’t widely adopted at this time.

The major drawback to automated mobile testing is the inability to replicate and repeat a test across multiple devices and operating systems. Although there are automated tests which will put a device or application through its paces, it becomes laborious and time intensive (and hence, more expensive) to set up that test to run on a majority of the options currently in use. Continue reading »

Travel & Hospitality Blog

What are the Best Global Websites in Travel & Hospitality?

Lionbridge is proud to partner with John Yunker, President of Byte Level Research to unveil a new report titled: Web Globalization and the Travel Industry: Benchmarking the Best Global Websites.

Join us on May 20th at 11am EST to learn best practices and recommendations for your Travel and Hospitality website. Listen in as Clint Poole, VP of Corporate Marketing, Lionbridge, talks with John about the good, the great and the ‘could be better’. If you are evaluating strategic growth this year in your global digital strategy, register here.

In addition to hotels, cruises, and transportation companies, a new category has been included on DMOs.  For more info on Byte Level Research: visit Byte Level Research


Global Consumer Blog

Marketing to APAC (the Asia-Pacific region)

If you’re doing business in – or expanding into – the Asia-Pacific (APAC) area, I have a really good 2-part best practices article for you to read on the PitneyBowes blog: Tips and Best Practices for Targeting an APAC Audience. Continue reading »