Individuality & Enterprise Crowdsourcing – Just Another Face in the Crowd?

Here at Lionbridge GSS. HQ, our recruitment team is used to equally impressing & baffling those who are new to our experience. Enterprise Crowdsourcing as a concept is still a new take on recruitment & so how do we explain to those outside our walls in our office in the West of Ireland that we can tailor a global team, thousands strong in nature, of outsourced individuals specifically for client needs & then equally manage their performance to a high level of detail and quality – and actually get them to believe us? This blog is an introduction to how we can answer that question & to give an insight into what we do in Lionbridge GSS, starting with a view of our Crowd recruitment. Some people will say with regard to Crowdsourcing as a concept how ‘Isn’t Recruitment meant to be individual by nature?’ because people often balk at the use of the word ‘crowd’ as if it automatically meant herding random people together mindlessly, but with Enterprise Crowdsourcing recruitment is still individual, after all – who said individuality couldn’t be matched with volume?

To give you some context behind our successes, to date we have sourced a Crowd that is not only dynamic in nature, but a force that manages to be both specific & generic – a collective group or Crowd of Individuals. And Individuals is the significant term, as our clients require individual opinions and individual skill sets, therefore this is what we deliver to them – a global talent pool of problem solving, multi-cultural, bilingual, task oriented individuals specifically tailored to our clients’ demands. Not only this, but we can provide for this in volume at any given time to meet our client’s demands. As such, today as it stands our Crowd is thousands strong, bilingual & ready to work, regardless of what time zone you, or they, are in.

Therein lies the beauty of Crowdsourcing, how it manages to be the future of outsourcing concepts by both delivering results & management of communities without global barriers, with no language barriers that need to be broken, no timelines that need to be crossed or flights booked. By working, hiring, & managing within the cloud, we have ascended the typical restrictions that other global recruiters may have issues with by transcending some pertinent barriers & breaking new ground in enterprise solutions.

How we do this not only involves combining our extensive knowledge of global advertising & recruitment procedures, but by also setting the example we require of our Crowd, through diligence, appreciation, intellect and recognising the value in each & every individual’s skill set. We are proud to say that the team we have created within our own walls on the banks of the Moy river is a reflection of the Crowd we have sourced outside of them – a dynamic group of individuals brought together collectively to perform. And perform we certainly do.

You can find our Crowd in the universities in Prague, Czech Republic and Houston Texas. They are in the living rooms of suburban homes in Sydney Australia & Johannesburg South Africa. They are in the coffee houses in Seattle Washington & in the home offices of families in Sweden, Wales, Tokyo and Beijing. Lionbridge’s Crowd could be your neighbour working as an educator. They could be your cousin working as an engineer. It can be your sister raising her young family, or your retired uncle, aunt, your parent – they are walking beside you in the streets, without too many others knowing how they are actively contributing to our global problem-solving force, helping to drive some of the most important technical projects of the last decade in a single global movement orchestrated through Lionbridge.

So when we at the Recruitment team are asked as to what exactly it is that we do, we could say that we unmask the hidden potential of every day enterprise heroes all around the globe – then suit them up again & help them work. In return, tasks are solved, products are created, items are tested & our clients know that they are in capable hands.

Or we could just say we hire talented people. A lot of talented people.

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