“Global. Multilingual. Virtual.”: Lionbridge Business Process Crowdsourcing Evolves

CS Blog 3_25Evolution is a characteristic of every successful business. While big changes capture the headlines, small changes can be equally as impactful. We are confident that will be the case with today’s news. Lionbridge Business Process Crowdsourcing (BPC) today announced its focus on – and commitment to – leading the next generation of outsourcing by providing future-ready enterprises with a delivery model that leverages the intellectual capital of the extended global community. In direct response to our customers’ needs and as part of our evolved focus, we are excited to announce the update and relaunch of our new BPC website: www.thesmartcrowd.com.

As so many businesses know today, a growing scarcity of highly skilled human resources and an uncertain economic climate have necessitated the development of new delivery models that are flexible, global and readily available for a wide range of on-demand tasks. This growing trend further validates our core business at Lionbridge, and we have evolved our crowdsourcing solutions to deliver a secure, enterprise-scale crowdsourcing model to help the world’s biggest and best known brands increase productivity, maximize workforce flexibility and reduce infrastructure and overhead costs  – all while expanding their businesses globally.


To that end, our new “Global. Multilingual. Virtual. With Guaranteed Results” model harnesses the following application areas:

  • Global Testing: Ensuring new devices, products, applications and online services perform seamlessly in the areas of usability, connectivity and local transaction capabilities.
  • Language Services: Reaching a global audience of consumers requires more than just straight translation and interpretation. We combine in-market savvy professionals with the crowd’s global scalability to deliver localized communications that resonate across targeted cultures.
  • Data Services: Computers still have problems dealing with some of the essential tasks within the data lifecycle. We help companies turn millions of structured and unstructured data sources into clean, accurate, relevant and timely information, faster and without the fixed labor costs or language limitations that are hallmarks of traditional Business Process Outsourcing models.


To articulate the features and benefits of these solutions, our new website enhances the experience for both customers and crowd workers with improved content and access, including:


These changes don’t outline a dramatic shift in the philosophy of our company or our Business Process Crowdsourcing practice. However, we are confident that these adjustments will help us remain laser focused on the needs of our customers. By empowering more companies to enter new markets or grow their global footprint with the assistance of the crowd, we remain at the forefront of changing the way work gets done.


Tell us about the challenges that you see businesses facing in the “Global. Multilingual. Virtual.” world. Where do you see the most opportunity for the crowd to impact meaningful change?

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