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Couldn’t Hang Out with Us? Here’s What You Missed

Over ten years ago, we realized that in order to meet increasing customer demand, translation services needed to evolve from traditional, full-time translators to a more scalable, flexible delivery model that tapped the requisite translation “talent” on an as-needed basis. Thus, we transformed our internal employee base of specialized translators and established a virtual workforce, allowing each professional to work remotely via the cloud to complete tasks matching their skill set.  Essentially, Lionbridge started crowdsourcing before the term “crowdsourcing” was coined by Jeff Howe in Wired circa 2006. Continue reading »

Deconstructing the Crowdsourcing of Big Data Projects

The opportunity to more efficiently and effectively complete certain tasks related to Big Data by utilizing Business Process Crowdsourcing recently captured the imagination of the editorial team at, an online magazine focused on enterprise-level Big Data and analytics strategy.

Titled “Crowdsourcing a Potential Labor Source to Support Data Projects,” the article turned to David Bratvold, the founder of Daily Crowdsource and organizer of the annual crowdsourcing conference Crowdopolis, and Dori Albert, the Business Process Crowdsourcing practice manager here at Lionbridge – also a regular contributor to blog. Continue reading »