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The Need for Interpretation Services in Health Care Systems

With a growing international population and millions of previously uninsured Americans gaining health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, the need for interpretation services in health systems has never been greater. The increase in adult patients speaking foreign languages, coupled with ACA mandates on interpretation services in hospitals, have thrust medical interpreters to the forefront of a landmark decision in healthcare. Continue reading »

The Marketing Power of Translating Consumer Generated Content

For many businesses, consumer generated content is the most important form of marketing collateral available in today’s digital age. For example, if a hotel has a “Reviews” section on its site, it must capitalize on this first-hand feedback by translating it into various languages, to effectively reach – and influence – customers across the globe and increase sales.

With 6,900 languages and dialects in the world, this can be a seemingly daunting task; however crowdsourcing can help companies attempting to overcome this hurdle. As a legacy language services company, Lionbridge through its Business Process Crowdsourcing (BPC) practice, has delivered (or perfected) an innovative approach to performing time consuming and expensive business tasks – such as translation – more quickly and cost-effectively. Continue reading »

Perhaps Google CEO Larry Page was talking about Crowdsourcing

We’ve dedicated several blog posts to exploring crowdsourcing’s impact on the future of work, the growth of Talent-as-a-Service and how machine intelligence fits in to the evolving workforce. It seems these are topics that are also on the mind of Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page.

In a recently released “Fireside Chat” video featuring Page, fellow Google co-founder Sergey Brin and well-known technology investor Vinod Khosla, Page pondered what many workers probably think about often: why can’t we all work part time? This would surely allow us to pursue more fulfilling aspects of our choosing. Continue reading »

Localization World: Are You “Torn” About Crowdsourced Translation?

Earlier this month, I attended Localization World in Dublin.  This was my first localization-specific conference even though Lionbridge is regularly a major sponsor and participant. For me, it was an opportunity to learn more about Lionbridge’s core industries: localization and translation.  The vibe was different than recent crowd conferences I’ve attended, which are often filled with lots of new start-ups, prospects and academics. By contrast, Localization World was attended by very mature service providers, like Lionbridge, as well as localization buyers who have been in the industry for a long time. Continue reading »

Going Global? Three Ways Crowdsourcing Can Help

Seven billion people. 6,900 languages and dialects.

We say it’s a small world – one growing smaller by the day thanks to the Internet, mobile phones, social networking and simple and free collaboration tools – but it actually remains exceptionally difficult to connect people who don’t speak the same language. Businesses are keenly aware of this challenge. Whether operating at a global scale, breaking into new markets with a service or device, or simply trying to better serve foreign language speaking customers here in the United States, overcoming language barriers is a challenging and expensive process.

The cloud, however, has allowed crowdsourcing to emerge as a fast and efficient tool for completing language-related work, enabling businesses to connect with major populations that don’t share a common language.  Lionbridge recognized this promise more than a decade ago, which is why we started crowdsourcing before the actual term was even coined. Our approach has evolved into a form of crowdsourcing we call Business Process Crowdsourcing (BPC). Continue reading »

Why Business Process Crowdsourcing is Different and Highly Effective

As crowdsourcing continues to mature as a delivery method for completing work by leveraging large groups of geographically dispersed individuals, many crowdsourcing providers are working feverously to create the optimal approach to meeting enterprise-level standards for both quality and reliability. The term enterprise crowdsourcing is currently generating a lot of buzz – but buzz and business value can sometimes be mutually exclusive. Continue reading »

“Global. Multilingual. Virtual.”: Lionbridge Business Process Crowdsourcing Evolves

Evolution is a characteristic of every successful business. While big changes capture the headlines, small changes can be equally as impactful. We are confident that will be the case with today’s news. Lionbridge Business Process Crowdsourcing (BPC) today announced its focus on – and commitment to – leading the next generation of outsourcing by providing future-ready enterprises with a delivery model that leverages the intellectual capital of the extended global community. In direct response to our customers’ needs and as part of our evolved focus, we are excited to announce the update and relaunch of our new BPC website: Continue reading »

4 Elements for Building a Successful Custom Crowd

Over the past few months, we’ve discussed the benefits that enterprise-level businesses experience with managed crowdsourcing versus “one-size-fits-all” platform solutions. Tasks such as translation, testing, and data/content research have repeatedly been completed at a higher and more consistent quality level than platform providers can offer. Continue reading »

The Role of Interpreter Services in Healthcare

It’s hard to go more than a day without hearing news related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – commonly referred to as “ObamaCare.” While the national spotlight remains squarely focused on enrollment, coverage policies and technical setbacks on, many outside of healthcare circles are less familiar with the influence of new federal mandates on interpretation services. Although the foundation for legal access to various languages was first created in the 1960s, properly providing interpretation services to Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients has been a challenge. Now, the power of the crowd is being leveraged by forward-looking facilities to provide unprecedented, equal and immediate access to even the least commonly spoken of languages. Continue reading »

Man + Machine = Human Technology

The recent 60 Minutes segment on CEO Jeff Bezos drew some serious attention over the revelation that the company is working on an uber delivery service using drones to drop items at consumers’ doorsteps in 30 minutes or less. While delivery-by-drone is far from imminent, it certainly got people buzzing about the role of machine vs. man in our every day lives.

Two weeks later, The Boston Sunday Globe carried not one, but two stories focusing on the potential for apps, robots and computers to handle jobs and tasks traditionally performed by humans. The common denominator is, of course, automation and the vast – and at times, scary – potential it offers to businesses and consumers who embrace new technologies to get things done faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively. Continue reading »