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What Makes a Good Crowdsourced Project for Your Enterprise?

I just returned from the SIG (Sourcing Interest Group) Summit in beautiful Amelia Island Florida where Martha Crow, SVP, and I presented.   We spoke with many great companies while we were there enjoying the conference and one recurring question that seemed to come up over and over again is “What makes a good crowd project for the Enterprise?”.

That is a great question because crowdsourcing has evolved significantly to accommodate the growing demand from enterprises for more cost-efficient, flexible staffing options. While the industry started with companies crowdsourcing minor tasks, the shift over the last few years has been to tackle bigger and more complex projects that require a wide array of skills, often necessitating a workforce with a global footprint. Continue reading »

The Rise of the Virtual Workforce – An Undeniable Trend

Despite the recent news of Yahoo and Best Buy pulling their home workers back into the office, the trend of working-from-home is not going away anytime soon.  Proof can be found in the recent New York Times article announcing the Freelancers Union, currently with over 200,000 members and growing quickly.  The purpose of the Freelancers Union is to address freelancer concerns—about things like health insurance—so they can continue to enjoy the freedom of the freelance lifestyle.

The reality is that a growing number of workers prefer to work virtually and maintain the work-from-home flexibility.  In a recent synthesis of over 500 studies, the Telework Research Network published some very interesting statistics that I encourage you to read. Here are a few that support the notion that working-from-home is on the rise: Continue reading »

Crowdsourcing vs. Outsourcing: A Side by Side Comparison

While there will always be a need for certain types of work to be done either onsite or in a global facility, the market is beginning to fatigue on offshore and outsourcing and looking for new alternatives.  Evidence of that point is shown in new research figures released  from analyst company Ovum revealing that in 2012 the global market for IT outsourcing services fell to its lowest point in over a decade.  Outsourcing and offshoring are no longer regarded as models that deliver a competitive advantage.   Corporations are now looking at Enterprise Crowdsourcing services as an innovative way to impact their business, now that they have realized there are limitations and downfalls with traditional outsourcing models.  Let’s look at a side by side comparison: Continue reading »

Enterprise Crowdsourcing in Action: Capturing and Cleansing Tax Data for State Governments

This week, we’re on the show floor at Crowdopolis and I will be presenting to a great crowd (pun intended) on the topic of, “Crowdsourcing in Action: Secure Big Data Capture and Cleansing.” With tax season in full swing – and the thought of filing taxes on the minds of many – I hope there will be many captive ears in the audience as I explain how Lionbridge Enterprise Crowdsourcing’s Data Management Solutions for tax processing allow state governments’ departments of revenue to collect, cleanse and process vital tax data.

I’ll share with you some key highlights from my presentation. To begin, let’s take a look at some numbers. According to the U.S. Department of Treasury, the IRS collects $2.4 trillion each tax year from an estimated 234 million tax returns. Approximately 15 percent or 35 million are paper returns. According to the IRS, the estimated annual tax gap is $385 billion dollars which comes from non-filing, under reporting and under payment.

So the question becomes, how can big data help close the tax gap? Continue reading »

Q&A with Martha Crow: What’s next in Enterprise Crowdsourcing?

This week, Lionbridge announced our new suite of professional crowdsourcing offerings.  As you may know, crowdsourcing is not new at Lionbridge and, in fact, we have been providing crowdsourcing services to our clients for many years, organically growing with our existing client’s to over $150M in annual revenue.  In direct response to market demand, customer needs and the projected size of the market  we are now, for the first time, launching our new offerings – Data Management, Translation, Testing, and Custom Crowd Solutions.   By rolling out this suite of offerings t we are capitalizing on this momentum and providing the market with a new alternative way to get work done.

I recently sat down with Martha Crow, Senior Vice President of Global Enterprise Solutions, to get her take on the Enterprise Crowdsourcing market, why it’s the next generation of outsourcing, and what’s ahead for the market.

Continue reading »

You’ve heard about consumer crowdsourcing – what about the enterprise?

It’s Monday morning after the Super Bowl and the office is buzzing over last night’s big game – but it’s probably not all about what happened on the field between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens. Your co-workers are more likely gathering to talk about the best and worst of the Super Bowl commercials. This year, another element caught people’s attention – crowdsourcing. Continue reading »

Enterprise Crowdsourcing: The Time Is Now

Lionbridge’s acquisition today of Virtual Solutions, Inc., (VSI) a recognized innovator in the data entry industry and a real up and comer in the crowdsourcing space, is exciting news for our respective employees, customers, prospects and business partners. But the significance of the fusion of the two companies — with their complementary experience and expertise — goes far beyond the headline heralding the continued consolidation in this white-hot segment.  It underscores what Lionbridge, as well as many industry observers, have been predicting for the past few years: Crowdsourcing has truly arrived as an accepted business practice for medium and large corporations. Continue reading »