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Value versus Cost: Why Microtask Projects Can Struggle to Deliver

Weighing cost versus value is an assessment that is an essential part of virtually every business decision. However, as more businesses utilize crowdsourcing as a new approach to delivering work, the drive to focus on achieving the lowest cost can interfere with the ability of extracting the most value. Continue reading »

The Promise of Big Data Still Requires a Human Touch

Following my last post on Drowning in Data, I wanted to explore a little more on the human intervention still needed to make some aspects of data consumable for today’s emerging legion of data scientists. While a lion’s share of this information is being collected through highly automated systems and seamlessly integrated into massive searchable databases, the simple fact is that computer automation has yet to replace human judgment and assessment in every instance. As we talked about previously, for most CIOs, access to data is not an issue – bots are constantly gathering data. The true challenge is turning this data into usable knowledge that will inform their business decisions, and that requires a level of skilled human involvement for which our business process crowdsourcing services are ideally suited. Continue reading »

Drowning In Data? Support Your Data Mining Initiatives with Enterprise Crowdsourcing

If any of you have seen Intel’s infographic on “What happens in an Internet minute,” you’ll understand the volume and scale of data available in today’s networked culture. This explosion of data has also coined a new phrase “drowning in data.”

Today, getting our hands on data is not necessarily the problem; where most CIOs and organizations struggle is in mining big data to get the proliferation of structured and unstructured content normalized and assimilated back into their workflows to actually create value. Continue reading »

Crowdsourcing – Unleash the Transformational Power of a Next Generation Labor Strategy

For those of you who would like to learn more about Enterprise Crowdsourcing, this Webinar is a great opportunity to connect and interact with industry and practice leaders, August 16th 2012, 2pm – 3pm EDT, a date not to be missed. Read more or Register Now.. Continue reading »

Changing the way work gets done.

Quite a few years back when I told friends and family that I worked from home occasionally I got some strange looks and comments, along the lines of “You can do that..”. In my parents’ generation and even early in my working life you went out to work and came home to rest and play. Looks like the tables are now reversed. More and more people in all walks of life, locations and functions work from home on a part time and full time basis. Continue reading »