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The Rise of the Virtual Workforce – An Undeniable Trend

Despite the recent news of Yahoo and Best Buy pulling their home workers back into the office, the trend of working-from-home is not going away anytime soon.  Proof can be found in the recent New York Times article announcing the Freelancers Union, currently with over 200,000 members and growing quickly.  The purpose of the Freelancers Union is to address freelancer concerns—about things like health insurance—so they can continue to enjoy the freedom of the freelance lifestyle.

The reality is that a growing number of workers prefer to work virtually and maintain the work-from-home flexibility.  In a recent synthesis of over 500 studies, the Telework Research Network published some very interesting statistics that I encourage you to read. Here are a few that support the notion that working-from-home is on the rise: Continue reading »

Individuality & Enterprise Crowdsourcing – Just Another Face in the Crowd?

Here at Lionbridge GSS. HQ, our recruitment team is used to equally impressing & baffling those who are new to our experience. Enterprise Crowdsourcing as a concept is still a new take on recruitment & so how do we explain to those outside our walls in our office in the West of Ireland that we can tailor a global team, thousands strong in nature, of outsourced individuals specifically for client needs & then equally manage their performance to a high level of detail and quality – and actually get them to believe us? This blog is an introduction to how we can answer that question & to give an insight into what we do in Lionbridge GSS, starting with a view of our Crowd recruitment. Continue reading »