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Marketing to APAC (the Asia-Pacific region)

If you’re doing business in – or expanding into – the Asia-Pacific (APAC) area, I have a really good 2-part best practices article for you to read on the PitneyBowes blog: Tips and Best Practices for Targeting an APAC Audience. Continue reading »

Six Great Webinars about Global Web Management

Think you know your way around global web management strategies? See how many of the following 12 questions you can answer:

  1. How many languages should your website be in if you want to reach 90% of all Internet users?
  2. What are the unique challenges faced by retail companies vs. travel and hospitality companies in regard to their respective web globalization strategies?
  3. What’s the best way to manage a Spanish-language website for the US? Continue reading »

Translation and Localization Info, Right Around the Corner

You may or may not know this, but I’ve already been blogging for a few years about translation and localization in the Travel & Hospitality section of this blog. And while many of my blog posts there have obviously been prepared for the Travel and Hospitality industry, a lot of that content would be really useful to you guys in Global Consumer industries, too. Continue reading »

Retail Trends throughout History

At the risk of sounding like I am nearing eighty years of age… I am an avid watcher of the WGBH program, Masterpiece. The first Sunday of this October, I tuned in for the premier of a new series called The Paradise. The story follows Denise, a girl from the English countryside, as she is hired in the “ladies wear” department of The Paradise, Britain’s first “high-end” department store. Behind the drama of the characters, The Paradise is about challenges and success in the retail industry.

The series’ Victorian Era setting sparked my interest in retail trends throughout history. What trends have we seen since then?

Continue reading »

Book Buyers, Don’t Fear the eReader

Occasionally, we like to invite other Lionbridge team members to share their thoughts on hot topics you might be thinking about. So today, I’m pleased to introduce Milciades Castillo, one of our Customer Advocates, who manages a portfolio of our customer accounts and works out of our Waltham, MA headquarters. When he’s not reading, he thinks a lot about reading. Incidentally, he just happens to currently be reading, “This is How You Lose Her,” by Junot Diaz. Continue reading »

SEO for Global Retailers

Have you ever wanted to buy something online but not known the best site to purchase from? I most certainly have. My go-to solution is Google, the power-house search engine which seemingly has access to all the information in the world. I search “cute fall jacket” or “good gifts for dad” and voila – question answered. Taking the fastest and simplest route, I click on the top few results, read, compare, and buy.

With the holiday season right around the corner, think about the millions of searches that online shoppers will use to find perfect gifts for family and friends. Imagine, as a retailer, that none of your products show up in the search results, or if they do, they’re shown low on the list. Ouch. Competitors win time and time again. Now envision the reverse – your brand shows up in the top 5 results. The potential gain in sales is huge. Continue reading »

Retailers and Consumers Benefit from Subscriptions

Has anyone heard about retailers offering a subscription plan for regularly recurring purchases like diapers or office supplies? I read recently that Target is now offering this pricing model for baby supplies; Amazon has offered the same pricing model for baby supplies for ages.  It’s an interesting concept that I’m seeing more and more of and I think it is a good deal for customers and for retailers alike. Here’s why. Continue reading »

Innovation in Retail

A lot has happened in the retail industry in the 18 years since the summer of 1995. I realize that’s a strange number of years to focus on, except when you consider this: that was when was born. (For you sticklers, it was conceived a year earlier in July 1994, but didn’t go online until a year later.)

I was struck by this realization while reading the September Fast Company article about Jeff Bezos – or “King Bezos” as proclaimed on the cover. We’ve watched the company grow over the years, and I’m willing to bet most of us have helped it grow. Remember how it started as a mere online bookstore, then evolved to include movies, music, software, games, clothes, jewelry and other everyday stuff? And then… a lot more, including fulfillment and shipping improvements, video streaming, cloud storage and more. (Rather than recap everything they’ve done and who they are now, I recommend you read the About Amazon page on you know,

All this to say one thing: Amazon = Innovation in Retail. Continue reading »

Consumers Pay More to Help More

Good news for socially responsible companies! According to a recent Nielsen study, half of the consumers around the world aren’t just more likely to buy goods and services from socially responsible companies, they’re willing to PAY MORE for them.

And here’s something else pretty interesting about the survey results: the percentage of survey respondents who said they’d pay more was at least twice as high (two-thirds of respondents) in India, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia than it was in Europe (one-third of respondents) where consumers may be more skeptical about corporate social responsibility. Continue reading »

Global Retail Websites: Learning from the Best

John Yunker at Byte Level Research recently published a report (sponsored by Lionbridge) called The Leading Global Retailers (and Why): Web Globalization Benchmarks and Best Practices, which showcases 38 of the world’s best global retail websites.

He’s published similar reports before, but this is the first time he’s focused solely on global retailers, so I’m thinking this might really be of interest to you. Continue reading »