Retail Trends throughout History

At the risk of sounding like I am nearing eighty years of age… I am an avid watcher of the WGBH program, Masterpiece. The first Sunday of this October, I tuned in for the premier of a new series called The Paradise. The story follows Denise, a girl from the English countryside, as she is hired in the “ladies wear” department of The Paradise, Britain’s first “high-end” department store. Behind the drama of the characters, The Paradise is about challenges and success in the retail industry.

The series’ Victorian Era setting sparked my interest in retail trends throughout history. What trends have we seen since then?

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SEO for Global Retailers

Have you ever wanted to buy something online but not known the best site to purchase from? I most certainly have. My go-to solution is Google, the power-house search engine which seemingly has access to all the information in the world. I search “cute fall jacket” or “good gifts for dad” and voila – question answered. Taking the fastest and simplest route, I click on the top few results, read, compare, and buy.

With the holiday season right around the corner, think about the millions of searches that online shoppers will use to find perfect gifts for family and friends. Imagine, as a retailer, that none of your products show up in the search results, or if they do, they’re shown low on the list. Ouch. Competitors win time and time again. Now envision the reverse – your brand shows up in the top 5 results. The potential gain in sales is huge. Continue reading »