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Book Buyers, Don’t Fear the eReader

Occasionally, we like to invite other Lionbridge team members to share their thoughts on hot topics you might be thinking about. So today, I’m pleased to introduce Milciades Castillo, one of our Customer Advocates, who manages a portfolio of our customer accounts and works out of our Waltham, MA headquarters. When he’s not reading, he thinks a lot about reading. Incidentally, he just happens to currently be reading, “This is How You Lose Her,” by Junot Diaz. Continue reading »

Retailers and Consumers Benefit from Subscriptions

Has anyone heard about retailers offering a subscription plan for regularly recurring purchases like diapers or office supplies? I read recently that Target is now offering this pricing model for baby supplies; Amazon has offered the same pricing model for baby supplies for ages.  It’s an interesting concept that I’m seeing more and more of and I think it is a good deal for customers and for retailers alike. Here’s why. Continue reading »