Join the Lions Chat in the World of Localization

My name is Monica Oliveira and I’m the Director of Resource Management for the Americas at Lionbridge Technologies, a publicly traded company with headquarters in the US. We at Lionbridge pride ourselves on our network of people. Great people work with us across the world. They are smart, innovative, and forward thinkers. This is another blog channel established by Lionbridge with the goal of strengthening our network of people.

Lionbridge is originally a translation company that grew with the demand for different services in a globalized world. We are the leader in the localization industry and we strive to be in the forerunners of language services, helping our customers to build bridges to other places in the world. Employees or not, the people working with us contribute to establishing communication between our customers and their customers. There are more than 4,200 “Lions” across 26 countries removing the barriers to a global world.

With this blog, we want to give our guests the opportunity to take a look inside Lionbridge and the localization world, and to be able to interact with us. Please note that this is not the forum to discuss individual concerns and personal issues. We want to ensure that posts and comments are of interest to most of our guests.

We encourage everyone to join the chat and participate with your comments, questions and thoughts. This blog is moderated. We trust that our guests will stay on the topic, and will be cordial, within the friendly spirit of sharing ideas.

Welcome! Stop by as often as you can.

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