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Flan Recipe: Sweet Integration of Cultures at Lionbridge Boulder

Today’s post comes from the book A Taste of Lionbridge. Flan is a delicious traditional Mexican  dessert. This recipe is offered by Lisa Rice, from Texas, who works in business development at Lionbridge. Enjoy!

Boulder, Colorado, is an ideal place for a flurry of activity. The 94,000 inhabitant city is situated at 5,400 feet above sea level (over 2,000 meters), against the magnificent backdrop of the Rocky Mountains foothills, and only a short drive west of Denver. Continue reading »

Localization: Engaging Mixture of Cultures in the Workplace

Guest post: by Susan Cobb

Susan Cobb, Vendor Coordinator in Waltham, MA

My family is Polish and traditionally every year for Easter we have Polish food. I love cooking and encouraged by the diversity at Lionbridge, my workplace, I decided to add some “spice” to our traditional Easter dinner and chose a recipe from A Taste of Lionbridge to cook for my family. I recently tried Korean food and really enjoyed and the recipes from the Seoul office immediately got my attention. Japchae made with dangmyun (Korean starch noodles), beef, carrots, onions and shiitake mushrooms.  It was quite easy to make and was a huge hit, a nice new addition to the usual Easter meal. This is something I will be adding to my list of favorites!

Japchae is a famous Continue reading »

A Taste of Lionbridge

Lionbridge had the great idea to celebrate its anniversary with food. It does not sound too surprising but it was in a very special way. We had a recipe contest in all of our offices and the best recipes, chosen by a committee of “lions” (Lionbridge employees), were published in a book called A Taste of Lionbridge. It was a really fun party, especially for me the creator of a winning recipe. Although my recipe was published, I did not win the final prize, a one week trip to one of the cities where Lionbridge has an office. I have to confess I had dreamed of going to Beijing and visiting the Great Wall. Not this time. The book is a collection Continue reading »

Happy Holiday, yes Holiday

Today is a national holiday in many countries in celebration of the Christian holy day of Good Friday, which precedes Easter. Coincidently, today the Jewish people also celebrate Passover. In Brazil, the Catholic families of Portuguese ancestry (like mine) gather to eat a fish dish (bacalhoada) and, coincidently, so do the Jewish families (gefilte fish).  Both peoples have adopted their ancestors’ customs to the ingredients they could find in the host country that resembles the original ingredients. This is an example of natural “localization,” in the pre-globalized world, of the old rituals to the new environment. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all of you who celebrate these holidays.

What is the traditional food of Easter and Passover in your country?