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4 Basic Apps to Get Organized

I was never a tech-savvy person or an early adopter of technologyuntil I got an iPad for mother’s day. All I wanted was an eBook reader but my son thought that an iPad was much cooler, lucky me. I discovered that many tasks related to work (and personal too) had become less cumbersome and, of course, more mobile. This experience opened my eyes to the smartphones and I got an Android. I reached the next level of independency and I cannot see myself going back to life before mobile devices. Continue reading »

How a Cat Can Get You Started in Translation

In the age of Siri (or Iris for Android users) you can be sure there are tools that will help you translate. They are what we call in the translation world CAT tools. CAT stands for Computer-Assisted Translation. You did not really think it was a cat, right?

What translation tools do for you Continue reading »