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Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and APIs

I was planning on a quiet August. But the dog days of this August have been anything but quiet or dull. Breaking news has been interrupted by more breaking news. Libya was pre-empted by a rare east-cost 5.8 magnitude earthquake, with an epicenter near Washington (prompting political jokes such as the Earthquake was all Obama’s or Bush’s ”fault”, depending on your political persuasion.) Then the earthquake was pre-empted by Hurricane Irene barrelling up the east coast.

Stuck somewhere in between the earthquake and Irene was Google’s announcement of its translate API v2 — a pay-for-play version of its translate API.  Continue reading »

Lionbridge Adds GeoFluent Real Time Multilingual Translation to IBM Sametime Instant Messaging!

Today we are announcing with IBM something exciting: GeoFluent’s real time multilingual translation solution combined with instant messaging in IBM’s Sametime® Unified Communications and Collaboration platform.  Now, you can find, reach and collaborate with colleagues across geographies in real time! You can improve communication and increase productivity across geographically dispersed teams. And you can eliminate product development and delivery delays resulting from miscommunication.

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Is Machine Translation like a 2-Year Old or a 45-Year Old?

Andrew McAfee is a principal research scientist at MIT. His focus is on how digital technology is impacting and changing the business world. I recently met with Professor McAfee in his offices in Cambridge Square. He posed a question to which I struggled to answer: Would you compare machine translation to a 2-year old or a 45-year old?

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Accelerating Contact Center Productivity

Today we announced GeoFluent Chat 2.0, the latest version of Lionbridge’s powerful, cloud-based multilingual chat application that gives contact centers and enterprises on-demand, quality translation within their existing online chat applications.  

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Would You Buy from a Great Web Site if You Couldn’t Understand It?

Amazon, eBay — these are terrific e-commerce sites used by millions, and they have localized versions for many countries. But one site that may be the best of them all is for US customers only.  If you live outside the US you need not apply — or buy,  in this case.

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ACCE-ing The Contact Center World in the Big Easy

New Orleans, LA June 14, 20011. I am here in the The Big Easy, where a hurricane is a favorite drink* of the locals rather than a bad memory. Aside from the ambiance of this great city, what drew me down here is the ACCE Conference & Expo, the annual global gathering for the contact center community. This conference brings together contact center professionals to discuss issues such as how to improve performance by better managing people and resources, improving operations, and properly selecting and implementing technology. Customers who run big contact centers, such as, Bell Canada, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Intuit are presenting case studies.

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Google Ditches Their Translation API. Now What?

“Who Moved My Cheese?” is a #1 bestseller about abrupt change. It looks like Google seriously moved a big piece of cheese recently by announcing that the Google Translate API has been officially deprecated by the company. “Due to the substantial economic burden caused by extensive abuse,” stated Google, “the number of requests you may make per day will be limited and the API will be shut off completely on December 1, 2011.” Does this mark the end of free translation as we know it?

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Taking Online Customer Engagement Global with Multilingual Chat

Be sure to join us May 24th at 1PM EST for a live webinar featuring GeoFluent in action, and learn how real-time multilingual translation integrated with LivePerson can cost-effectively broaden multilingual communication and extend your contact center’s global reach.

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Taking Online Customer Engagement Global with Multilingual Chat

Have you noticed that more and more successful enterprises are trying to engage their customers in online chat? Have you visited the Apple online store lately? Checked your portfolio at
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Web Translate-Automated Translation Technology…The Revolution is Coming!

Just a few miles from Lionbridge headquarters, a group of men will soon be re-enacting the Battle of Lexington and Concord, dressing up in colonial garb, to celebrate the event marking the outbreak of the Revolutionary War.

Today, Lionbridge is revolutionizing global communications with GeoFluent, the industry’s first on-demand, customized automated translation technology. GeoFluent allows enterprises to Continue reading »


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