Taking Online Customer Engagement Global with Multilingual Chat

Have you noticed that more and more successful enterprises are trying to engage their customers in online chat? Have you visited the Apple online store lately? Checked your portfolio at CharlesSchawb.com?

There’s a reason for online chat taking off. According to Telus International, online shoppers who engage in chat are 38% more like to make a purchase. And Forrester Research concluded that e-commerce merchants who proactively engage their customers in chat see a 105% ROI!

These numbers are easily verifiable. There is a nifty company,LivePerson, that specializes in online business chat. They can capture metrics that can tell you in a given time period, for example, how many visitors to your web site engaged in chat, and how many of those visitors actually made a purchase.

GeoFluent enabled real time multilingual chatBut there’s a problem: you can’t engage with people who don’t speak your language. The good news is that Lionbridge is teaming with LivePerson to enable chat with real-time translation. GeoFluent Chat turns your English speaking agents into multilingual agents. Now every agent can support multiple global markets in real-time!

Join us for a webinar featuring GeoFluent in action, and learn how real-time translation integrated with LivePerson can cost-effectively broaden multilingual communication and extend your global reach.

In this webinar, attendees will learn how to:

  • Reduce costs of supporting international and non-English customers by enabling your agents to chat in multiple languages
  • Apply multilingual chat in a variety of business scenarios and in different industries
  • Effectively engage international and non-English speaking prospects and customers to increase revenue

Learn from GeoFluent and LivePerson experts how to successfully reach and engage prospects and customers in global markets, while reducing overall costs through real-time multilingual chat.

If you don’t have time to attend this webinar, contact us at (800) 919-9198 to speak with a GeoFluent team member.

If you’re not engaging with your international customers, I think you and I should have a little chat.

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