Taking Online Customer Engagement Global with Multilingual Chat

Be sure to join us May 24th at 1PM EST for a live webinar featuring GeoFluent in action, and learn how real-time multilingual translation integrated with LivePerson can cost-effectively broaden multilingual communication and extend your contact center’s global reach.

I want to put in a word for LivePerson, a company with a neat and powerful enterprise business chat solution. But first, I need to tell you about the differences between me and my wife in our shopping tactics.

When Beverly shops, it’s a research project. First, she checks newspapers and the Internet for discount coupons and special in-store sales. Then she goes to the store and carefully examines every item — not just for herself — but also for mom, sisters-in-law, children, neighbors — anyone in our circle who could need an item. After several hours in the store she will inevitably emerge victorious with various goods in hand.

On the other hand, when I go shopping I go straight for the kill. No hovering around the prey for me. I like to be in and out. When I can’t find what I am looking for I get impatient. I want those otherwise annoying, hovering sales people to help me. When I can’t find one, I’ll walk out of the store empty handed.

The online shopping experience is no different for me. I want help when I need it.

The folks at LivePerson have figured this all out. They are very adept at helping enterprises and businesses identify, engage and support customers online. Actual metrics of live chat sessions show that interactive, real-time customer connections result in

  • Increased customer acquisition by 20%
  • Decreased costs of servicing customers by 25%
  • Maximized lifetime value of existing customers

LivePerson can identify web visitors who, like me, need help with their online shopping. LivePerson enables online merchants to popup a chat button based on rules resulting from the customer’s online behavior.

With the addition of GeoFluent, e-commerce retailers can reach out and engage non-English speaking visitors. After all, customers are more likely to buy if you speak their language!

To learn the secrets of online success, be sure to join us live for the GeoFluent LivePerson webinar, May 24th at 1PM EST. We’ll see you there!

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