Accelerating Contact Center Productivity

Today we announced GeoFluent Chat 2.0, the latest version of Lionbridge’s powerful, cloud-based multilingual chat application that gives contact centers and enterprises on-demand, quality translation within their existing online chat applications.  

GeoFluent Chat 2.0 increases agent productivity, accelerates revenue opportunities and reduces costs of in-country support by allowing English-speaking agents to engage customers and prospects online in multiple languages from one location. 

GeoFluent Chat 2.0 includes some nifty new features:

  • API integration with common online chat applications.  GeoFluent’s APIs provide dedicated, secure, seamless bi-lingual communication between a customer or prospect and a support agent within an organization’s existing chat application.  GeoFluent Chat is easily trained to reflect each organization’s brand, products, languages and expertise, making multilingual chat comprehensive and actionable. 
  • Support for pre-chat survey applications.  This allows contact centers to present surveys, route chats to the appropriate agent and engage chats in the customer’s preferred language, resulting in more effective pre-sales engagements and faster time to resolution for common support engagements.
  • New reporting functionality that captures valuable metrics including chat invitations and sessions by language, percentage of translated chats converted into sales, and other performance data for contact centers and enterprises to measure the effectiveness of multilingual online chat sessions.

You can view a demo of GeoFluent Chat here or listen to a recent Webinar to hear more about the opportunities for customized multilingual chat.

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