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New Publication Focuses on Breaking Language Barriers

Interested in gaining guidance and accessing a range of tools and resources about the language services and global translation industry? Look no further than TAUS, an online resource center that connects members to a variety of useful tools about the language and translation industry to improve the communication amongst people and businesses throughout the world. They offer a variety of services, including:
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Balancing Time-to-Market and Quality in the Content Newsroom

According to Social Media Today, more than 78% of Chief Marketing Officers believe that custom content is the future of marketing.  And, last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014) provided the perfect venue for companies to launch or hone their branded journalism-based Newsroom content marketing strategies.

Over the past 18 months, Lionbridge has seen a growing number of our clients embrace this new strategy of ‘always-on’ storytelling in an effort to emotionally engage customers across multiple channels, devices, and geographies.  It’s an exciting evolution that reminds me of agile software development and its always-on, real-time cycles, yet more personal in nature as companies seek to establish emotional connections at the individual consumer level. Continue reading »

Why Marketers Must Account For an On Demand Society


Patience may be a virtue but in an increasingly on demand world being patient can seem like an impediment to productivity. The accelerated speed of the digital age has made it so that people’s default reflex is to refresh their social media feeds for real-time feedback. Look no further than a spotty Internet connection to see that people now feel entitled to immediate results and they should. With all media being made digitally available instantaneously, the patience cliché now seems as antiquated as a dial-up modem. Continue reading »

How Email Marketing Regenerated Its Power

Since the arrival of email, marketers’ relationship with the medium through the years can best be described as cyclical. The initial promise of email marketing was suffocated by spam. In response, inbox filters and unsubscribe links were able to render spam virtually obsolete and in the wake of these developments marketers were able to rectify promotional email by disavowing all the unpleasant associations with spam and creating a more value based approach. Targets for emails became more concentrated and the content more relevant. Rebranding email marketing as a value-based, narrowcast approach has legitimized the medium as a business tool and lead to open rates as high as they have ever been. Continue reading »

Video Marketing Primed For Explosive Growth


The statistic that most aptly anchors the magnitude of video marketing’s potential is that YouTube attracts more than 1 billion unique global viewers every month. In light of numbers like these it would reasonable to assume that the majority of marketers use video marketing and are refining their strategies but the truth is that only ¼ of brands utilize video as part of their digital marketing strategies according to Kantar Media. Now if the first two stats seem incongruous, they are and the expectation is that in the near future, companies will correct this by fully embracing the reach and power of video marketing. Continue reading »

IBM Watson’s Supplemental Marketing Value to Existing Web Operations

Forbes recently wrote an article titled IBM’s Watson Set to Revolutionize Marketing, which profiled the company’s well known supercomputer, perhaps most famous for competing on Jeopardy. The article explains how going forward Watson’s capabilities will be better applied forecasting trends rather than dominating a trivia game show. Continue reading »

Global Marketing Event Focuses on Branding, Campaigns, Websites and Social Media

Although it’s just a few days away and you may not be able to drop everything and meet us in London next week (but please do if you can!), I still wanted to let you know about this exciting, timely global marketing event:

Brand2Global in London, England | September 16-18

First of all, my disclaimer: Lionbridge is sponsoring, exhibiting and presenting at the event. As you know, that level of participation requires significant time and resources. We’re delighted to do it, though, because Lionbridge eats, breathes and sleeps global marketing. I know, it sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? But it’s what we do, and we love it. Now, onto the conference. Continue reading »

Anatomy of a Global Web Address

As a consumer, you don’t have to understand complex Web technologies in order to read the New York Times online, buy zippy new sandals from Zappos, or make travel plans at Expedia. However, as a marketer who plans to use the Web to market your company (and who doesn’t?), you should definitely understand one very basic technical concept: the structure of a global Web address.

That sounds boring, doesn’t it? It’s okay, I know. And sure, it’s not flashy and sparkly like marketing via mobile, social and video. But believe me when I say your website’s Web address structure could have a bigger impact on the visibility of your website to your global audience than anything else. Seriously.

What You Need to Know About Global Web Addresses

As luck would have it, I have a really cool doc to share with you, “Structuring for Success: Going Global with Your Web Domain.” And even though it was written by Lionbridge (our Web Globalization team), it’s not a sales pitch – it’s a good ol’ fashioned 11-page educational piece with best practices and everything.

  1. Learn the difference between ccTLDs, gTLDs and IDNs.
  2. Decide which ccTLDs your company should register.
  3. Set up your Web address structure so multilingual visitors get what they want quickly.
  4. Consider the pros and cons for using ccTLDs, sub-domains and sub-directories.

So if you’d like to learn how to improve the visibility of your website to your global audience, I recommend you start by reading this document so you can either, 1) sleep well, knowing you already have the right Web address structure in place, or 2) learn how to restructure it so that it isn’t preventing you from reaching your intended international market.



With a Wealth of Options, Video Marketing Growing Rapidly

An Uberflip article cited that 87% of marketers are now incorporating video as part of their content marketing strategies. This number continues to grow as high quality digital options like Vine and Instagram make it quick and easy to post video content. These popular apps funnel videos directly into social media where they are available to a large portion of the 75 million people who watch online videos every month in the US. (Uberflip)

With video growing so rapidly, the discussion is no longer whether video will eclipse text as the dominant form on the web, but when will it. Marketers are aware of this and the expected spending on video is projected to reach $6.3 billion by 2015, according to a San Francisco Chronicle article. The majority of the population has a smartphone or tablet on their person at any given time which means that video now has the same ubiquity as text and social media has made it equally easy to share both. Continue reading »

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