International PPC Campaigns: How to Improve your Global Uplift

Managing an international paid search campaign can be a nightmare. Part of the problem comes from assuming that cloning your English campaign and getting it translated word-for-word (by humans or automated tools) for each new market will produce solid ROI across the board. The problems with this approach (and the poor conversions that follow) stem from the differences in people’s search behavior in different parts of the world.

Take for example the word “scooter,” which translates to “motorino” in Italian, or “trottinette” in French, or “escúter” in Spanish according to Google Translate. It seems easy to incorporate these keywords into an ad for scooters in Italy, France, and Spain. But the advertiser might be missing relevant traffic. That’s because in some European countries people may search for “vespa,” not only as a brand name, but also as a noun, so offering a literal translation of the keyword “scooter” may cause you to miss qualified traffic for your campaign.

To solve this problem, we’ve developed an international ppc localization service that provides advertisers true local equivalents (localizations) of their keywords.  Early users report significant campaign uplifts over human and machine-generated alternatives. Contact us if you’re interested in hearing more about these results.

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