International SEO – Crawl, Walk, Run

Many companies we speak with are expressing frustration with their search engine rankings in countries outside of their home base.  Most companies do a decent job with SEO in their home markets, but globally it tends to be a different story.  A core part of the challenge for many of them is how they currently approach website translation.  To assist them, we developed a 3 stage maturity model that you see below:

International SEO Crawl Walk Run

The majority of companies we speak with are still in the CRAWL phase and just now starting to take a look at international SEO search rankings and developing a solid keyword list in each market.  For too long, translation and SEO have been artificially separated due to a separation in the vendor community between translators and SEO experts.  These two worlds are now coming together and companies should look for a partner that has fully integrated SEO into the web translation process to effectively WALK.  Some advanced companies in international SEO leading industries such as travel & hospitality are already in a RUN and achieving significant results.

Do you know where you stand in each of your global markets?  If not, we offer a free Global SEO Analysis to help you begin the journey.


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