Web Translation – 3 Worlds Colliding

I spent last week speaking with a number of leading global marketers in London.  We had a full day session with a number of great company presentations and some very open dialog about the operational challenges of global digital marketing and SEO web translation.

At the end of the day, I asked the group what was the single biggest takeaway for them from the session.  The nearly unanimous response was the diagram below:


web translation venn diagram

The Venn diagram represents three worlds that used to be completely separate and are now being forced to merge together for global marketers to achieve their objectives – and it is painful.  The three circles represent the following supplier groups:

  • Translation – Translation of content that is traditionally provided by Translation Service Providers
  • Production – IT resources to produce digital assets and web pages most often provided today by internal IT or IT outsourcers
  • Content Marketing – SEO content that is compelling to potential buyers and most often provided today by small, specialized SEO agencies
Most companies are still functionally organized and these three circles often reside in separate departments.  As cycle times decrease, there is tremendous pressure on processes that try to cut across 3 functional silos with 3 separate vendors.  This is not sustainable.  Customers and digital marketing/ social media are driving these 3 circles together and companies must respond in a more coordinated manner.  A supplier that can combine these capabilities for their clients will be much appreciated.
Do you agree with the companies I met with in London?  Are these 3 worlds colliding?

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