With a Wealth of Options, Video Marketing Growing Rapidly

August 13 Blog

An Uberflip article cited that 87% of marketers are now incorporating video as part of their content marketing strategies. This number continues to grow as high quality digital options like Vine and Instagram make it quick and easy to post video content. These popular apps funnel videos directly into social media where they are available to a large portion of the 75 million people who watch online videos every month in the US.

With video growing so rapidly, the discussion is no longer whether video will eclipse text as the dominant form on the web, but when will it. Marketers are aware of this and the expected spending on video is projected to reach $6.3 billion by 2015, according to a San Francisco Chronicle article. The majority of the population has a smartphone or tablet on their person at any given time which means that video now has the same ubiquity as text and social media has made it equally easy to share both.

Increased Investment In Years to Come

Corporate YouTube channels allow companies the opportunity to create content and craft precisely how their brand appears. Video content creation can be aligned across a company and every video is a marginal addition to the existing brand equity. Now more than ever videos can be created with low production values but “those with lower production values can be just as effective” according to a Search Engine Watch article.

Vine, Instagram and Mixbit, YouTube’s addition to short social video, are prime examples of the type of low production videos that can be created quickly but not hastily. These types of video can have the same reach as ones produced in a studio where every camera setup is pored over. So advice to companies would be to not feel constrained by either type, a mix of both has proven to be successful amongst top brands.

According to a Search Engine Watch article the Global Top 100 Brands have invested $5.1 billion in creating their video assets. Their return on investment is high, as their video content has received in excess of 9.5 billion views. (SEW) The graphic below shows the growth in videos published by these brands, and what is evident is that as long as the videos continue to return on their investments, companies will continue to make more and more.

August 19 Blog

Applying Video’s Success Globally

The importance that top brands place on video means that they are now taking measures to ensure that their content isn’t restricted by language. The inherent value of video marketing comes from two things; the visuals and the audio. When a company is preparing their content to resonate overseas their visuals are for the most part going to stay the same with the exception of cultural taboos or country specific images that must be changed. The audio is a much different story.

To prepare videos for multilingual audiences, translation services are required. These translation services use a combination of transcription, voice translators and closed captioning to translate audio for global consumers. Once the translation is finished, top brands immediately increase the reach of their video content and like most video, begin to see a return on their investment.