IBM Watson’s Supplemental Marketing Value to Existing Web Operations

September 10

Forbes recently wrote an article titled IBM’s Watson Set to Revolutionize Marketing, which profiled the company’s well known supercomputer, perhaps most famous for competing on Jeopardy. The article explains how going forward Watson’s capabilities will be better applied forecasting trends rather than dominating a trivia game show.

Watson’s ability to absorb seemingly infinite amounts of data will allow it to diagnose health related issues, predict how investments will fare and make it a valuable marketing resource, according to the article. Applied to marketing a tool like Watson can track customer purchase behaviors, match products with consumers’ desires, and increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. After absorbing decades of marketing experience, Watson is a marketing tool with the wisdom of an old sage and the foresight of the most in tune, pulse on the trends marketer.

Watson’s value is dependent upon how much data it can analyze, and the web’s most prolific producer of data now is social media. Marketers in charge of web operations are often tasked with parsing through social media and blog commenting in order to tune into the frequencies where brand conversations are occurring. According to the article one of the more astounding capabilities of Watson is that it can hear conversations happening online, recognize an opportunity for a company and “automatically notify the sales team or take action on its own to educate the prospective customers.”

Melding of New Technology with Proven Practices

This type of smart technology will be used to the best effect when its complements experienced professionals. This may seem like a stubborn old man thing to say with the technology train blazing down the tracks but there will always be an interpersonal component to business that even “self-actualized” technology isn’t equipped to handle.

An example of smart technology whose surface merits impress but further inspection reveals serious flaws is Google Translate. The convenience of Google Translate is appealing, the cost of Google Translate is also appealing but the quality of its translation does not meet the standards required by business conducted at a high level. During global marketing operations every word is a chance for a company to solidify their brand so a company can’t afford to use a generally acceptable, broad strokes translation.

Companies require a translation that uses precise language and mirrors the unique brand voice of the text before translation. Lionbridge is a company whose global marketing services derive effectiveness through a combination of practically applied smart technologies and a network of experienced professionals.