How Email Marketing Regenerated Its Power

November 14 Blog

Since the arrival of email, marketers’ relationship with the medium through the years can best be described as cyclical. The initial promise of email marketing was suffocated by spam. In response, inbox filters and unsubscribe links were able to render spam virtually obsolete and in the wake of these developments marketers were able to rectify promotional email by disavowing all the unpleasant associations with spam and creating a more value based approach. Targets for emails became more concentrated and the content more relevant. Rebranding email marketing as a value-based, narrowcast approach has legitimized the medium as a business tool and lead to open rates as high as they have ever been.

Keep What Works, Discard What Doesn’t

Tracing the evolution of email marketing reveals the present practices scarcely resemble the practices as initially conceived, which makes sense given how much the web in general has evolved. Email marketing in its early stages disillusioned many web users, but users who have held on to that ire are upset with the spam incarnation, not the current version.

The current version is valuable enough that 80 percent of retail marketers planned on increasing their budgets for email campaigns this upcoming year, according to a study from Forrester Research. This willingness to devote more marketing resources to email is driven by increased brand awareness, higher customer acquisition rates and better return on investment.

What Is Yet to Come

The methods of email marketing have now been refined to best resonate with the preferences of digital age consumers.  More marketers are now taking these proven methods of success and applying them globally in order to capitalize on the potential beyond their borders. The globalization of the web has long been inevitable but now more than ever companies are recognizing the opportunities inherent in this and expanding their operations to capitalize. The first step in these expansions is digital and email marketing is the most precise way to establish a presence in a new global market. With all these positive forces contributing to the growth of email marketing, it looks like the cyclical relationships of the past will be replaced with a much more linear one.

Relying on email campaign management professionals to scale your operations globally is a smart way to grow your glow audience.