Why Marketers Must Account For an On Demand Society


Blog 12_19

Patience may be a virtue but in an increasingly on demand world being patient can seem like an impediment to productivity. The accelerated speed of the digital age has made it so that people’s default reflex is to refresh their social media feeds for real-time feedback. Look no further than a spotty Internet connection to see that people now feel entitled to immediate results and they should. With all media being made digitally available instantaneously, the patience cliché now seems as antiquated as a dial-up modem.

Timeliness and accuracy are the two criteria valued most by the modern consumer. The print media model of publishing content the morning after an event has waning appeal to a society now conditioned to reading Twitter reactions in real-time. Digital publishing has all but eliminated lead time and anything that isn’t immediate has begun to feel like a distant echo.

The immediacy of the digital space is exhilarating for recreational purposes but can be daunting in a professional context. The speed of business has been accelerated by digital infrastructures and has made using online business services the minimum speed limit in order to remain competitive. The success of digital services is due in large part to them being designed around the two core values of accuracy and timeliness.

Offline resources continue to cling to the notion that longer turnaround times are required for the superior detail that goes into a touchable finished product but digital services now provide the same attention to detail with abbreviated turnarounds. Fast turnaround times are no longer just a convenience but rather a necessity for consumers conditioned by the digital age.

Twitter’s acquisition of Vine and Snapchat’s valuation are further evidence of a shift towards brevity. As these two examples show, in an on demand age, time is no longer a constraint on effectiveness.

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