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How to be a Leader in Global Etail

It’s no surprise that global retail companies such as IKEA, Amazon and Apple all have high success rates, but how are they translating that success to globalized eTail? Continue reading »

Lionbridge’s Global Revenue Performance Lands Nomination for Marketo Awards

This week, our team at Lionbridge proudly announced that we’ve been named as a finalist in the third annual Marketo Revenue Performance Excellence “Revvies” Awards for the Most Successful Global Revenue Execution category. Continue reading »

Improved Video Analytics Highlight Content’s ROI

In a YouTube video, author Jonathan Franzen is asked what books he would bring with him if he were stranded on a desert island. Franzen says he would bring a book to teach himself Russian so that he could read Tolstoy and appreciate the artistry of the words in their original language. It may be pretentious, but Franzen has a point; he wants to know the version he is reading is 100 percent true to the author’s intention.

Companies expanding globally should want just as much from their website’s written and video content. Luckily, many global marketing services have developed translation platforms that can seamlessly transfer an author’s intentions from language to language, so that no one has to learn Russian. Continue reading »

Developing Global Online Video Content for YouTube

Video is quickly becoming the most sought after marketing content with higher user engagement than any other medium. The benefits not only include increased customer engagement, but also have positive effects on global marketing operations such as SEO and social media interaction.

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Ecommerce, Global SEO Success Awaits in China

The website Co.Exist asks a deliberately incendiary question with one of its headlines, “Does America Suck at Globalization?” Although the headline may be designed to provoke, the spirit of the article addresses an interesting question facing global marketing operations: What is the best way to make the power of a stateside brand transferable overseas? Continue reading »

Multilingual Etail: Translating for Spanish and French

Many U.S. businesses have started to make digital adjustments for new languages and take the leap into close-proximity international markets. This may be the first step to global Internet retail, but even in-home and neighboring markets need to pay special attention to detail when it comes to website translation.

Web globalization expert John Yunker discusses the various considerations needed to bring your website to Spanish-American and Canadian markets in his new report, “The Leading Global Retailers (And Why): Web Globalization Benchmarks and Best Practices.”


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How to Bring Your Website Content Global

One of the many steps a marketer must consider when going international with a brand is website content. Developing a solid strategy that accurately reflects a company’s global marketing services domestically requires careful planning; mirroring this effort in-market is no easy feat. Continue reading »

Unlocking Global Social Potential in Asia

Asia, home to 278 million Facebook users is embracing social media but the continent still has large amounts of untapped population. North American growth rates for Facebook have slowed so going forward marketers must draw from new wells and capitalize on growth from their global marketing operations. Continue reading »

Consistent Web Design Drives Global Etail Success

Successfully taking a retail brand international is easier said than done. It takes a well-planned strategy including website navigation, global brand consistency and spot-on localization. Continue reading »

Get the Most out of Video Marketing

Video is proving to be one of the most influential marketing features in 2013. This method of engagement can be more useful for your customers by enhancing visuals, but it also has great benefits for your global marketing operations.


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