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Seamless Website Translation Key to Global SEO


Russia, South Korea, and China: Three countries fertile with potential for marketers are largely immune to the influence of Google because native search engines, Yandex, Naver and Baidu respectively own the majority of each country’s market share. Cultural preferences like these need to be accounted for when companies are implementing their plans for global SEO. Continue reading »

Developing a Globalization Strategy for Etail

Internet retail can be tricky when selling to global consumers. There are many factors to consider when developing your international eCommerce site.

Building a globalization strategy is the most important step. In his recent report, “The Leading Global Retailers (And Why): Web Globalization Benchmarks and Best Practices,” John Yunker discusses multiple best practices for getting the most out of your site and different steps to make sure your web operations are comprehensive to multiple markets. These include: the four elements of global navigation, local and operational adjustments and global outsourcing.


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3 Tips for Crafting Thought Leadership Worth Reading

Thought leadership can equal big wins in terms of website traffic, higher global SEO rankings, qualified leads and overall conversation. But how does a brand curate content in the first place, especially if the team isn’t exactly up for a Pulitzer? Continue reading »

Why Customers Respond to Video Content

While browsing the web, the average Internet user has a multitude of site tabs open, is working within several applications and may or may not be listening to music while operating a mobile device. Capturing the attention of this consumer is no easy feat, meaning a marketing campaign needs to be anything but ordinary. Continue reading »

Web Operations: Global Consistency for the Win

Managing a domestic website can feel like a full-time job in itself. Taking that website global can mean allocating great deal of extra time and money, right? Not exactly.

Your global website is your greatest asset and it’s important to make sure it’s getting the job done for you and your customers. There are ways to effectively manage and optimize your multilingual site to regulate your global web operations and reach new markets. Consistency is key.

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Managing Web Globalization Challenges for Success

Marketing and selling your products and services internationally opens doors and provides new opportunities for your company, but adjusting your global marketing operations is not always an easy task. John Yunker discusses the importance of localizing, using “global enablers,” and best approaches to manage global websites in his new report, “The Leading Global Retailers (And Why): Web Globalization Benchmarks and Best Practices.”

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Break the Language Barrier with Website Translation

How long does it take you to click the “back” button when you reach a website in a language you don’t understand? My guess is less than two seconds.

We’ve all experienced the annoyance of clicking a link only to have it bring us to a page we can’t read. No matter how useful that content may be, users who don’t speak the language will never get to it. Website translation is crucial to reach these potential consumers.

According to Internet World Stats, English only accounts for 26.8 percent of the world’s Internet population. What if your customers are a part of that other 74.2 percent of users who don’t speak English? Chances are they need your website in another language.


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Three Questions to Ask When Considering Global SEO

You’ve already taken the big step of expanding your online presence into global markets, but what results are you seeing? Have you noticed lately what a big world it is out there? So many people, so many languages, so much opportunity to grow your audience and your bottom line. Just because you’ve built it doesn’t mean they’ll come.

If you haven’t optimized your global websites, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Taking your SEO efforts international can mean big rewards, but it’s no small feat to commit to.

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Generating Quality Leads Via Social Media Marketing

Most of us link social media marketing with a strictly B2C strategy, forgetting entirely how beneficial it can be for global campaign management. Looking to connect with like-minded marketers? Launch a more strategic Twitter initiative. More B2B companies mine for prospects using the social platform, with 42 percent of companies having acquired a customer using Twitter, according to Hubspot. Continue reading »

Facebook Graph Search: Global Search Marketing & SEO in 1?

Hoping no one noticed that low Angry Birds score you got on Facebook? Well, it could be too late.

Thanks to the new Graph Search tool, Facebook is making it easier to look up what you and your friends are doing online. This provides a lot of opportunities for global search marketing.

Graph Search is like Facebook’s very own search engine. Integrated with Bing, the utility allows users to search queries based on their preferences as well as their friends’ preferences. “Restaurants my friends have been to” yields pages that friends have checked-in to or shared pictures from. “People who live in my city” brings up local friends, as well as friends of friends, who have the same location listed on their page.

This connects global SEO and social media marketing on a huge scale.

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