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Ensuring Brand Credibility With Accurate Translation

There’s a reason why foreign language teachers don’t want their students to use a machine translator to complete their homework. Direct online computer translations often come out mistranslated and lack the ability to pick up on cultural nuances and slang.

This same concept applies to your global marketing strategy. One incorrectly translated wrong word or phrase in your content could cost you millions, so it’s important that your global marketing operations uses a quality translation method to guarantee accuracy. Continue reading »

Global Web Operations: Extending the Reach of Your Resource

Resources exist to create value and improve efficiency. It’s no secret that resources often have more than one capability, especially when we’re talking about the World Wide Web.

So why use your main resource, your website, to only reach one market?

It’s simple math. Resources + new capabilities = competitive advantage. How do you extend the capabilities of your site to gain a competitive advantage on a global scale?

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Drive International Sales With Premium Content

A compelling global content marketing strategy will drive relevant international traffic, increase repeat visitors and drive sales. While a content strategy does require a solid editorial strategy and should tie into a calendar, it’s not necessarily the beast many marketers make it out to be. Continue reading »

Keyword Potential in Any Market

For those of us in SEO-land, one of the more ubiquitous mantras is “Content is King.” It’s pretty much the lifeblood of ranking well and getting customers.

Without good content, what’s the point? This is even truer when it comes to businesses with international online presence. Not only do you have to have good, unique content for your local country websites, it must be culturally relevant and appropriate. Continue reading »

Global SEO: Friend or Foe to User Experience?

The whole point of your global SEO strategy is to catch the eye of search engines. But creating a website focused on your global SEO performance can make the experience uninteresting and diminish the intent of your site for users.

How can you put the customer first when SEO is all about you?


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Mobile Growth May Drive Global Site Traffic

Continued growth in the mobile arena calls for responsive web design, multimedia content strategies and strong social media marketing efforts.  Approaching your global marketing strategy with mobile devices in mind can help drive traffic and increase global visitors, in turn benefiting a brand’s global SEO strategy. Continue reading »

How Important are Titles in Your Global Content Marketing Strategy?

Numeric lists and “How To” headlines are article styles that were trending among brands’ content marketing strategies in 2012.

These structures were used to engage and connect with readers, as seen in the “10 Most Engaging Posts of 2012,” by the Search Engine Watch’s Jonathan Allen. 

According to The Search Engine Watch’s Greg Habermann, in his “Secrets to Writing Engaging Titles & Content for SEO,” if there’s one line in a blog post or article that will connect with an audience, it’s the title. If your audience is attracted to the title, he or she is more likely to click on it. Continue reading »

Domain Structure Best Practices for Global Websites

Creating a URL structure for your U.S.-based website was probably pretty easy: www + Company Name + .com = hey, we have a website! But when you start pushing beyond the boundaries of the U.S. market and English language speakers, there is a whole new set of considerations for how your global domains should be structured.
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Coca-Cola: Global Marketing Done Right

With over $497 billion spent on advertising in 2012 and a predicted 4.1 percent increase for 2013, as reported by ZenithOptimedia, global marketing is on the rise and potential is emerging for brands all over the world. It’s one thing for brands to increase their ad spend, but globalizing your marketing strategy and creating positive ROI is what creates worldwide name recognition. It’s not easy, so how do brands make their international advertising successful? Continue reading »

Strategizing a Framework for Digital Content Execution

As leading global companies seek to optimize their customer engagement via the web and mobile, they are faced with decisions on how to address global markets of various sizes and strategic importance.

Should a top market representing more than 60 percent of revenue have the same attention, depth of content and process strategy as that of an emerging market representing less than 10 percent of revenue? What about growth markets in between? How do brands allocate budget and decide on processes and tool sets for digital content across these markets?  Continue reading »