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How to be a Leader in Global Etail

It’s no surprise that global retail companies such as IKEA, Amazon and Apple all have high success rates, but how are they translating that success to globalized eTail? Continue reading »

Break the Language Barrier with Website Translation

How long does it take you to click the “back” button when you reach a website in a language you don’t understand? My guess is less than two seconds.

We’ve all experienced the annoyance of clicking a link only to have it bring us to a page we can’t read. No matter how useful that content may be, users who don’t speak the language will never get to it. Website translation is crucial to reach these potential consumers.

According to Internet World Stats, English only accounts for 26.8 percent of the world’s Internet population. What if your customers are a part of that other 74.2 percent of users who don’t speak English? Chances are they need your website in another language.


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Global Web Operations: Extending the Reach of Your Resource

Resources exist to create value and improve efficiency. It’s no secret that resources often have more than one capability, especially when we’re talking about the World Wide Web.

So why use your main resource, your website, to only reach one market?

It’s simple math. Resources + new capabilities = competitive advantage. How do you extend the capabilities of your site to gain a competitive advantage on a global scale?

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Is Your International Business Taking Advantage of Facebook’s Global Pages?

Since 2008, Facebook has been the world’s most visited social network. Now more than ever, companies and consumers are making Facebook a part of the purchasing cycle. Once the social network became a publicly traded company, it began pumping more resources into it’s Brand Pages, demonstrating the value of Facebook marketing. The results to come out of the last few months are a good sign for any company looking to streamline their presence or take their brand page global.

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URL Management for a Global Business

As an Internet professional, I care a lot about URLs. Whereas some casual surfers may never notice what appears in the address bar of the browser, I am constantly looking at the URL to give me context about what I am looking at… Where does this page fall within the site hierarchy? is it protected by HTTPS? Was I redirected to a phishing site?

I am not the only one who cares about URLs. Search engines care about them too.  We hear about search engine friendly URLs but the most important thing is that the URL is the unique identifier that a search engine uses to catalog its index. If you care about getting found in a search, you better make it easy for both users and search engines to be able to understand what information is available at each of your URLs.

When you run a global website that serves multiple markets and languages, the problem of URL management gets harder because you are adding more dimensions to your site for the search engines to understand. You want your localized content to appear in search results so that audiences go to the sites that have been localized to serve them.

URLs play a big part of that because they can help a search engine segment and group content. You want your global URLs to communicate the following information.

  • The website that published the content
  • The purpose of the content and where it fits into the site
  • The market that the content is primarily intended for (as in country)
  • The language that the content is written in

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Trends in Global Web Operations – The Survey Results Are In!

Global Web Operations – How Top Companies Are Handling It

Web content is exploding! Information is transporting at lightning speed to screens and speakers on all sorts of devices, and nothing less is expected from today’s leading companies. Is your existing IT infrastructure withstanding the blast? Global Web Operations is a complex muddle. Furthermore, the landscape is global and language challenges are no longer an acceptable hurdle for these businesses. More and more multilingual content is expected ubiquitously. We’ve done significant research to gage a better understanding for how global companies are leveraging their IT resources to meet the demands of today’s content-hungry audiences by embracing a global web operations plan.

We will be sharing the findings of our research in a live webcast, “Trends in Global Web Operations.” We hope you tune in and participate in the discussion around managing global websites; the obstacles of globalized web content and the exciting opportunities for leveled web operations. If there is a topic you’d like us to discuss ahead of time? Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Click the link to learn more about our global web operations service.

Global Web Operations Efficiency – Cheers!

Why global web operations is a pain in the back

Efficient global web operations harvest out the most opportunistic websites. This past weekend I visited Greenvale Vineyards in Newport, Rhode Island. It is a charming place that hosts wine tastings, live music and production tours on Saturdays. I took fancy in enjoying all three and was particularly in awe from the tour. Bill, one of the owners, walked us through a path and showed us the different grapevines, the variance from different levels of sun exposure and then explained what work his team does during the different cycles of the harvest season. He mentioned that for grape picking he hires additional seasonal resources, and the grape pressing is done at an off-site facility. I realized then that Bill’s back hurts no differently than a global web operations managers’. If it’s your responsibility to manage all of your organization’s website content, your process is likely somewhat parallel to that of Greenvale Vineyards.

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Global Web Operations: Top Client Challenges and a Solution

Steve Nemzer, Vice President of Technical Sales/Marketing at Lionbridge, shares key pain points from the trenches of global web production and offers a solution. Continue reading »