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Crowdsourcing, search and social media mean the end of translation?

Apocalyptic Panic about the end of Translation?

Last month I gave a talk at Ignite NYC about what I’m calling Translation 2.0. Yes, this is still the business of translation we’re all familiar with (experts and non-experts alike), just with a little crowdsourcing, search optimization (SEO) and social media thrown in to spice things up a bit. But spice for some is horror for others.

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Global Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Lessons from CNN en Español

In 2008, I wrote a piece about marketing to multilinguals which caught the eye of Joe Kutchera, the author of Latino Link and Director of Digital Marketing at Acento. What followed was an enlightening, ongoing conversation about the emotional dimension of communicating with audiences who live across cultures and languages.

In 2010, Joe published his book and the following February, we continued the conversation by hosting a webinar on Localizing your content for Hispanic communities online.

And now we’re at it again!

This time, while we’re staying focused on online Spanish-speaking audiences, we’re going to take a look at traditional media for lessons that we believe translate well into global search engine marketing (SEM). And who better to enlist than someone who practically wrote the book on it, the guy who turned around CNN en Español? Continue reading »