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7 Benefits of Outsourced Global Web Publishing

Web Content Efficiency – The Impact on your ROI

Strategically conducting global business on the World Wide Web and supporting a global web presence is mission critical to any company’s success.  Global companies, such as hotel giant Marriott International, estimate that an hour of their web presence is valued at nearly $800,000 in revenue. A survey from Connecticut-based travel research firm, PhoCusWright, shows that nearly 20% of U.S. travelers visit six or more websites while shopping. This calls for a web content publishing process that is committed to efficiently updating content within an effective user interface. Both are vital to retaining a customer for the full purchase experience in the competitive landscape.

Web Operations Business Process Outsourcing – Putting your Best Foot Forward

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Improve Your Efficiency in Web Content Delivery and Keep up with Technology Trends

Outsourcing Your Web Publishing

I am always fascinated at how fast technology is growing. I remember my first Nokia brick phone, tapping my portable CD player to test the 15 second ESP, and watching morning cartoons on my huge 25 inch tube shaped TV.

In a matter of years this all changed. Year after year these technologies are created, updated, etc. As a creative marketer, and tech geek, I am always trying to find new ways to reach the audience who spends hours on these hip new devices. One problem for most marketing professionals is that we Continue reading »