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Why “Correct” doesn’t cut it in Global SEM


This is a cautionary tale for Search Marketers, don’t worry, it has a happy ending.

Imagine you’re selling a new adhesive product that will revolutionize the market currently dominated by Scotch Tape (made by the smart cookies at 3M). You launch in the US first, your home market, and find that your fabulous new product is selling like crazy online, so you reprioritize your marketing budget and invest heavily in Search Engine Marketing (PPC) in order to continue to drive online sales. Smart.

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Multilingual PPC Webinar: Driving Results Outside Your Home Market

This Thursday (5/12) at 1PM EDT, we will hold our first joint webinar with our Performance Media Platform partner Acquisio:

Global Domination through PPC: What you MUST know to succeed internationally

As you can guess from the title of the session, we will be sharing the best approach to successfully executing multilingual PPC campaigns:

  • How to increase PPC conversions using localized ad text, landing pages, and websites
  • How to rebuild your keywords to target international markets
  • Why machine translation can actually harm your PPC campaigns

I hope you will join us for this eye-opening session…