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eCommerce: Finally, A European Market Capable of Staying out of the Red?

These days, any combination of the words “European,” “market,” and “growth” are typically tied with a warning label and lots of fine print. With repeated talks of bailouts and austerity measures, it seems like every option for a business in Europe is high risk low reward.  Can a global business do anything to stay ahead of the curve without having their ambitions beaten to a pulp by a failing Euro?

While stocks and bonds continue their erratic behavior, believe it or not some European markets are experiencing growth. In my opinion, with the steady pace of decline in manufacturing activity across Europe, eCommerce is one of the few industries that will continue to report growth for the future. Even in the Euro-zone, where low-balling an estimate is gospel, state statistical research organizations recognize eCommerce as an over 200 billion Euro industry. Continue reading »