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Quality Translation: The Web-Loc Handshake Equivalent

Talk to anyone about the most important aspect of web localization and you’re bound to hear almost a dozen different answers. Discussions will likely center around constructing good global gateways, having customized social media, optimized keywords and knowledge of local search engines. The conversation might shift to the nitty-gritty: Link building, meta-data and alt text or other off-page SEO tactics.

The brightest of the bunch might debate on the importance of cultural knowledge, leading to a discussion on how to properly use calls-to-action, making color choices or selecting the proper user interface for a market. However, there is one aspect of web-loc that is often neglected and, when not done to the best of one’s abilities, can result in the nullification of hard-work in any of the aforementioned areas: Translation.

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Crowdsourcing, search and social media mean the end of translation?

Apocalyptic Panic about the end of Translation?

Last month I gave a talk at Ignite NYC about what I’m calling Translation 2.0. Yes, this is still the business of translation we’re all familiar with (experts and non-experts alike), just with a little crowdsourcing, search optimization (SEO) and social media thrown in to spice things up a bit. But spice for some is horror for others.

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