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7 Benefits of Outsourced Global Web Publishing

Web Content Efficiency – The Impact on your ROI

Strategically conducting global business on the World Wide Web and supporting a global web presence is mission critical to any company’s success.  Global companies, such as hotel giant Marriott International, estimate that an hour of their web presence is valued at nearly $800,000 in revenue. A survey from Connecticut-based travel research firm, PhoCusWright, shows that nearly 20% of U.S. travelers visit six or more websites while shopping. This calls for a web content publishing process that is committed to efficiently updating content within an effective user interface. Both are vital to retaining a customer for the full purchase experience in the competitive landscape.

Web Operations Business Process Outsourcing – Putting your Best Foot Forward

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Web Content Centralization: A Process Worth Outsourcing

Improving Web Operations Performance

The pains of a centralized web content publishing process have long been discussed by web content management experts such as Gerry McGovern. Gerry calls centralized publishing “restrictive,” pointing out that it depends too heavily on IT (non-subject-experts) publishing teams who dismiss relevant information when force-feeding content into standard templates. Likewise, a centralized web publishing process bottlenecks with request procedures, making simple tasks such as a change in hyperlink, a costly long ordeal. IT departments in turn struggle with the unpredictable influxes of content requests. With that said, most large and global companies have to rely on centralized web publishing to avoid the absolute chaos that would derive from giving anyone within the organization a personal web publishing key. You can’t forget your web audience who would be much more likely to appreciate a standardized format; knowing what type of content to expect and how to navigate through it on your site.

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