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SEO: Beyond the technical aspect!

Author: Julien Louis

SEO has been a key buzzword among the localization industry for the last few years, and this is no real surprise for who ever had to create content…

In a nutshell, SEO can be defined as the activity that attempts to improve the search engine rankings – in other words, the visibility of your content.

So, just imagine you are your customer. You have spent what seemed to be ages brainstorming, studying reports, attending meetings and banging your heads together. All these, just to create THE content, that very content that fits perfectly your purpose: making you stand out from all the other companies making noise online.

For sure, the last thing you would want to happen is that the crowning accomplishment of this long and expensive process does not find its audience once localized!

Even if SEO is now slowly surging into the linguists’ awareness, it remains, for many, a combination of sophisticated techniques more for tech-savvy or similarly-minded people.

Yet, behind its technical aspects, SEO also conceals a very serious set of linguistic activities which requires the involvement of in-country language specialists outside of the usual localization process.

Consider Keyword Research, for instance, which consists in defining, analyzing and refining optimal localized keywords for a target market. Here, simply knowing languages is not enough. There is a real need to deeply understand the subtleties of both the target language and the target market.

Lionbridge developed a specific training program for its suppliers willing to perform SEO linguistic activities. At the completion of this program, suppliers who so choose, can apply to become SEO certified.

An opportunity to seize if you want to increase your business and add a string to your bow!

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