ZenDesk! The new channel to reach out to us


The new channel to reach out to us….

Questions, comments, feedback…? ZenDesk!

Dear vendors,

Please note that there is a new way to reach out to us in case of any questions, comments, feedback, etc… Instead of the old-fashioned direct alias mail to <onDemand24-7team@lionbridge.com>, we are now working with ZenDesk as ticketing system. Please use this channel in the future and understand that we will not be able to respond to any direct mail to our alias anymore.

To handle your questions in the fastest-possible way, please specify the reason why you are reaching out to us in your email’s subject line.

To submit a ticket, simply write an email to support@lionbridge1.zendesk.com

Why going with ZenDesk? Because your questions will be handled with…

-Faster response times

-Improved quality

-Better control

And what happens after I submit a ZenDesk ticket? The following…


  1. You will get a confirmation that your request was received.
  2. Our team will handle your ticket. The fact that it is a ticket will allow to pass it quickly to the right person to handle your questions or feedback.
  3. You will receive a response email from our team to which you can simply reply from your standard email program (“as always”).
  4. Eventually you will receive an email that will inform that the ticket has been resolved. If necessary, you can reply to this again to re-open your ticket.

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