eBay väljer Lionbridge

Lionbridge tillkännagav nyligen att eBay har valt Lionbridge som översättningspartner för sin verksamhet i Europa.


Med hjälp av Lionbridges OnDemand-API kan eBay-handlare med ett enkelt klick få sina produktförteckningar översatta och publicerade direkt via eBays partnerplattformar.

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Lionbridge onDemand Translation API Enables eBay Merchants to Expand Cross-Border Revenue Streams

Waltham, MassOctober 23, 2014 — Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: LIOX), today announced that eBay is in production with the Lionbridge onDemand API as a translation partner for its Cross Border Trade initiative in Europe. This integrated solution enables eBay merchants to seamlessly translate product listings within the eBay partner platforms.

Eight of the largest ecommerce platforms used by eBay merchants have integrated Lionbridge directly into their platforms to make translation a seamless process. Lionbridge and eBay expect additional ecommerce providers to join the cross border trade initiative as merchants expand revenue streams across geographies with eBay.

Cross border ecommerce volume in Europe is forecast to reach $130 billion by 2020, according to global consulting firm OC&C Strategy Consultants. eBay is a leader in helping consumers buy from merchants in other countries and a highly automated and efficient translation process is required to enable this activity at eBay’s scale. eBay selected Lionbridge for its market leading onDemand production model that combines the world’s most comprehensive translation API with Six Sigma translation process automation.

“We know that the language barrier is a very real obstacle for businesses looking to sell in to international markets. Alongside shipping, translation is a key strategic focus for the eBay cross border trade programme which supports eBay merchants. By working with Lionbridge and offering translation to thousands of our business sellers, we expect to be able to boost eBay sellers’ cross border sales in Europe”, said Eben Sermon, Senior Director of International Trade, eBay.

Current eBay participating ecommerce platforms include Afterbuy, Channel Advisor, eFulfillment, eSeller Pro, 4Sellers, Linnworks, M2EPro(Magento), and PlentyMarkets. Merchants on these platforms can now select products, click to translate and list in local language markets without ever leaving the platform.

“We have worked closely with the team at eBay for many years and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to work together on this major initiative” said Marc Osofsky, CMO, Lionbridge. “Translation is becoming a feature in ecommerce platforms. This program is an example of what the future holds for global ecommerce.”

The Lionbridge onDemand API is the first translation API that provides support for a broad range of translation options, cost levels and content types. Developed by the world’s largest translation company, the Lionbridge onDemand API enables technology platforms to write to a single RESTful API, rather than managing separate integrations and custom development with numerous providers.

“As the largest Language Service Provider, and a Forbes Top 100 Trusted Company, Lionbridge is the natural provider of the leading translation API for the ecommerce sector,” said Rory Cowan, CEO of Lionbridge. “Ecommerce requires speed, scale, quality and efficiency in translation for the forecasted cross border ecommerce volumes to become reality. Our onDemand platform is ideally suited to meet these diverse needs.”

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