Website Translation- Lionbridge Helps Wizz Air Spread its Wings Across Europe

One of the good things about working for Lionbridge is that we have the opportunity to see some of our customers grow dramatically as they expand their businesses internationally. We work with ambitious companies that understand that the consistency of their brand image is key to international success. Wizz Air is a perfect example of such a company.  Anyone who has travelled via London Luton airport recently can hardly have failed to notice the eye-catching purple and pink livery of the nine Wizz Air planes flying in and out. Wizz Air clearly understands the importance of a dramatic visual image in building brand awareness.

However, the most important marketing tool for any airline is its website, as the vast majority of travellers now book online. Wizz Air recognizes the importance of the website in building brand loyalty with its customers across Europe. The attention the company has given to building an easy-to-use booking engine has paid off, as Wizz Air has grown in a few short years to become the leading low-cost airline serving destinations in Eastern Europe.

It is hardly an astute observation that your website needs to be in the first language of your customer in order to encourage them to fly with you. This is particularly true in countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Romania, Ukraine and Slovenia, where a relatively small percentage of the population can speak English. But good quality translation is only half of the story.

Whether we use the term translation or localization to describe what Lionbridge does, our work usually involves software engineering.  Our software engineers are our unsung heroes, as their work is generally under-appreciated. Wizz Air is one of the exceptions, as they highly value our engineers’ ability to work with Pearl files every bit as much as they appreciate the quality of our translations.

So next time you see a Wizz Air plane or you fly with this fantastic airline, give a thought to the Lionbridge engineers who played a part in this Eastern European success story.

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