Translation Localization Services Assessment

I posted the blog on the Lionbridge Translation blog, as well as on a LinkedIn Group, Localization Professionals on the topic of Sample Translation. I found it very interesting that the public blog received very few comments, while the post on the LinkedIn group generated over 100 comments and proved to be rather controversial. The discussions continued for a year, with viewpoints offered from all angles: Language Service Providers (my viewpoint), customers, translation agencies, and freelance translators. There were some very valid comments and lots of opinions.

An important takeaway for me was that readers are much more likely to comment and engage in a closed group discussion, within their industry or area of expertise, than they are in a more public forum. This is likely because they are more comfortable knowing they are among people who share their frame of reference.

Not much has changed with regard to Sample Translations since my original post. We are still asked for them, but Lionbridge best practice and my point of view remain the same. We’ve created a nice reference FAQ document with our recommendations on how to correctly assess translation quality. We hope you find it useful. And please, feel free to let me know if your opinion on this topic has changed in the last year.

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