Sitecore Translation Connector Already within your CMS

Your content is driving your business: it’s how your market understands your offering, how your customers find you, and how you rank against your competitors. To be effective, it needs to be frequent, helpful and current. But to get the most from your content, you need the right publishing infrastructure. We recommend implementing a strong Content Management System, like Sitecore, that allows you to easily navigate the process of creating, publishing, altering, and archiving your content. And when you’re ready to reach people in other geographies and languages, you can leverage the built-in Freeway™ connector within Sitecore to easily translate your messaging.


It’s as easy as selecting the languages you want and submitting your files. The files come back to you, translated and localized by expert translators from Lionbridge’s leading translator network, right within the Sitecore CMS. Cherry on top? The connector is easily accessible and free of set-up costs for Sitecore clients.

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