eDiscovery: Preservation, collection and exchange of documents impacted by foreign language

eDiscovery complexities for data preservation, collection and exchange of documents increase when impacted by foreign language.

Irene Fiorentinos, Of Counsel for Jones Day, participated in this month’s LionDen Legal Library session discussing global electronic discovery.

The 20-minute broadcast focused on 3 topics:
1) Data preservation / litigation holds across international boarders
2) Cost mitigation, including how to manage discoverable documents in multiple languages
3) Attorney-client privileges outside of the US

In summary, Irene points out the objective for a successful global eDiscovery project involves managing many moving parts across different countries in multiple languages, and minimizing cost by collecting the least amount of data.

For more of Irene’s commentary, including her April 2011 article titled, Does Failure to Issue a Written Litigation Hold Amount to Negligence?“, please visit her page or send her an email: ifiorentinos@jonesday.com.


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