Sochi 2014 Olympics Unite Languages


Every two years the Olympics occur and the world is exposed to different cultures, traditions, and languages. As athletes from all nations compete on a global stage, a sense of unity occurs for both individual achievements and countries as a whole.

At each Olympic games, different countries languages, and dialects are represented. This brings up an interesting concept of language dialects contrasting. Athletes representing the countries of Spain and Mexico will be able to converse in their native tongue, but may not understand key words or phrases of the Spanish dialect they speak.

Businesses also encounter this hurdle while translating their materials to target native speakers from specific countries. They have to be conscious when sending translated materials to specific dialects so that native speakers can understand the communication as it was intended. Lionbridge is here to help businesses with all their translation and localization needs so that communications between businesses and their audience is spot-on.

So with the spirit of the Olympics, Lionbridge would like to celebrate the individuality of languages! And remind everyone that communications do not have to be skewed. For the languages of the world create unique identities for individuals (and athletes participating in Sochi 2014) but also an opportunity to unite and celebrate nations brought together.


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