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Global Training and Development Trends [Industry Report]

We live in a knowledge economy where a skilled workforce and educated audience are key components to enterprise-wide success. A globally dispersed workforce doesn’t just add logistical challenges to training efforts, it also adds a layer of complexity to the technologies promising to reduce the difficulties faced by learning organizations.

So how are organizations evolving their learning strategies and practices to meet growing global development needs? What technologies have been  embraced by learning leaders and audiences, and what are the greatest challenges to success? Continue reading »

How to Avoid the Engineering Change Order Trap

Engineering is an iterative process. Product development is a non-linear project. Technical writing is a fluid content type.

Simply put: expect change.

Sometimes a parts vendor alters the equipment design. Oftentimes, errors or malfunctions are not evident until testing and modeling, or once customer use reveals them. Always, someone is revising, improving, increasing performance. Whatever the source, Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) are an essential part of the development process. In fact, a third of them are considered critical and endanger the overall success of the project, according to a study in Denmark. Continue reading »