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Common Sense Advisory Lists Lionbridge as the #1 Language Service Provider

This past week, Common Sense Advisory (CSA), an independent Massachusetts-based market research company, released their annual report on the global language services market for 2013. Included in this report is their list of the Top 100 Language Service Providers (LSPs), which ranked Lionbridge as the #1 LSP.

Here’s a look at the top 10 LSPs for 2013, according to Common Sense Advisory: Continue reading »

SAT – A Smart Translation Solution

As more businesses expand their operations globally, they find themselves hurdling over language barriers that stand in their way of gaining international clients. As a result, there is an increasing need to translate vast amounts of content.


Humans vs. Machines

At the required volume levels, sourcing the job to a Language Service Provider (LSP) is rarely an affordable solution. Internal translation teams are reluctant to take on the draining workload for low profile content. So, what is a cheaper option that many global companies find themselves turning to? Machine Translation (MT), and its many flavors. Continue reading »

How to Avoid the Engineering Change Order Trap

Engineering is an iterative process. Product development is a non-linear project. Technical writing is a fluid content type.

Simply put: expect change.

Sometimes a parts vendor alters the equipment design. Oftentimes, errors or malfunctions are not evident until testing and modeling, or once customer use reveals them. Always, someone is revising, improving, increasing performance. Whatever the source, Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) are an essential part of the development process. In fact, a third of them are considered critical and endanger the overall success of the project, according to a study in Denmark. Continue reading »

The Crossroads of the Translation Industry

As the translation industry continues to grow in 2013, so does the technology that drives it. Clients and developers select the tools easiest to use and most efficient to their production. Users will need to learn to embrace and sell these technologies with a new mindset, and developers are excited to dive in and elevate technology to the next level.

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Augmented Reality- A Computer Generated Genius

Augmented Reality (AR) is the term for a live view of a real-world environment whose elements are improved by computer-generated imagery. AR is a combination of a real scene and a virtual scene that takes a real object and uses technologies to add contextual data, deepening a user’s understanding of it. Continue reading »

Tussling with Translation Demand in Emerging Markets

The arm wrestle over the best approach to translation continues. Quality and the endless pursuit of perfect linguistic expression remain the highest standard of translation offerings.  This standard is essential to specific content types, especially those that define a brand and its global impact Continue reading »

Finding Balance between Humans and Automation

In a recent blog post, translation industry expert Kevin Hendzel proposed a compelling analogy between aircraft operation and using language services; to sum it up, both have capable technology, but both require human involvement—if only for the trust of its passengers and customers. Kevin states that just as aircraft technology is perfectly equipped, if not optimal to fly and land a plane, machine translation is well suited to handle most translation jobs. And yet, the shift to pure automation will likely never
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Finding the Right Translation Approach for your Content

According to industry analysts from Common Sense Advisory, content authoring, publishing, and content management professionals in the manufacturing sector are challenged with rising content volumes, in an increasing number of languages, to be published across multiple channels. This while operating under the pressure of a strapped budget.

Content development and localization professionals need to make savvy purchasing decisions Continue reading »

Traditional Localization Paradigms and Digital Age Needs

If you’ve been paying attention to Lionbridge lately, you will have noticed that we’ve stepped up our game in terms of digital marketing solutions that include global campaign and task management, integrated key word localization, web publishing, and analytics.

As leading brand companies look to drive traffic to their global sites, increase customer engagement, and ultimately convert revenue, the necessity for streamlining digital operations is mission critical. Continue reading »

Design Production on Multilingual Content: Set your team up for success, continued…

Guest blogger, Gareth Morgan, continues the conversation on localization project management…

A Specific Example
If localization versus translation still seems like an abstract concept, let’s drill down into a specific example to see what can happen. Suppose your marketing team is starting a product promotion. Your recently hired graphic designer has been tasked with creating some visual assets to support the promo — this would include a microsite, banners and so on. Unfortunately an oversight has been discovered Continue reading »