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European and Canadian French Localization: Do I Really Need to Localize my Content into Both?

I don’t know one French person who doesn’t smile when one of our Canadian cousins speaks. Not because this cousin is relating a joke or saying something particularly funny, but we (French people) just love the Canadian accent, as well as some of the French-Canadian idioms.

I’ll always remember a meeting we had last year with a prospective client. It was the third round of an RFP, and we sat around the table with 10+ people who were deciding whether or not to work with Lionbridge. Despite the serious nature of the discussion, I was pleased to see smiles on everyone’s faces when a Canadian-born Lionbridge executive presented. Not only did she provide excellent answers, but her Canadian accent made the answers very appealing to the audience. While French and Canadian people do not have difficulty understanding one another, I am not sure whether Canadian people look as fondly upon our use of the French language as we look upon theirs. Continue reading »