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Multilingual eDiscovery trends: people, process and technology

LeClairRyan Discovery Practice Partners Bill Belt and Daryl Shetterly join me for our third edition of the LionDen Legal Library Session to discuss Multilingual eDiscovery Trends.

The 15-minute session covers three trends in global electronic discovery

  1. People
  2. Process
  3. Technology

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eDiscovery: Preservation, collection and exchange of documents impacted by foreign language

eDiscovery complexities for data preservation, collection and exchange of documents increase when impacted by foreign language.

Irene Fiorentinos, Of Counsel for Jones Day, participated in this month’s LionDen Legal Library session discussing global electronic discovery.

The 20-minute broadcast focused on 3 topics:
1) Data preservation / litigation holds across international boarders
2) Cost mitigation, including how to manage discoverable documents in multiple languages
3) Attorney-client privileges outside of the US

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Data preservation and eDiscovery costs: Managing technology to streamline efficiencies

eDiscovery and Data Preservation Costs-How to Keep Them Under Control

In an effort to streamline efficiencies as well as keep data preservation and eDiscovery costs under control, law firms are increasingly investing in technology across the entity to assist litigators with end to end eDiscovery processes.

A few months ago, I met with several of the smartest, most well-recognized, top Attorneys in Boston to discuss a myriad of topics including the interoperability of previously deployed / existing technology solutions, as it pertains to eDiscovery.

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