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ICE 2012 – Get Ready To Roll With Us!

Day one at ICE Totally Gaming 2012 is coming to a close, and we could not be more excited! With our current track record of successful partnerships with companies in the gaming industry, we knew that participating at ICE Totally Gaming would be a good bet.

Ok, all jokes aside—We have had such a great experience with the event so far. Plenty of great meetings with potential clients, and even some of our customers, like William Hill.

Today, Emma Durant is speaking at the IT Support and Digital Marketing Seminar Theatre at 15:00-15:45, giving her presentation on  Managing Global Web Operations Effectively – The Top 5 Trends. If you didn’t make it over there today, stop by our booth L1-21 to chat with Emma one on one, on how clients can maximize their Global Digital Operations:

  • Why localizing content from various formats, while keeping consistent branding, is crucial to your  success
  • How instrumenting (applying appropriate tracking tags and codes to ads and landing pages) yields measurable campaign performance tracking
  • How localized search engine marketing optimizes content and gives insight into how your customers find and engage with your content

Looking forward to day two with the team. Don’t miss Stuart Sklair in the IT Support and Digital Marketing Theater at 15:00-15:45 as he provides insight into:

Best practices for getting online gaming into multiple languages—the full lifecycle of localization and translation. Your content comes from all areas of the business,  from back-office systems, web applications, and from the static website itself. Formats vary widely, and include text, graphics, and audio. All of these variables must be accounted for, and must be equipped for publishing to the web as well as various mobile devices.