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Machine Translation – John Yunker’s Take


The rule of thumb with translation is that you use two translators and an industry expert proofreader to ensure high quality output. To what extent is machine translation taking place of that initial round of translation? That is, are we seeing a permanent transition to one translator and one proofreader?

John’s Answer

The use of machine translation (MT) is not appropriate for all projects and all content types. Machine translation is optimally applied when:

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Sample Translations – John Yunker’s Take


You say that sample translations are not the best way to evaluate a translation agency. Can you explain why and can you provide other metrics a company should use?

Here’s what John says…

Most sample translations don’t allow Language Service Providers (LSPs) to follow standard translation processes and often forces them to break industry best practices Continue reading »

Global Website Content Management: Secrets of the Best Global Websites

Lionbridge Webinars Present:
John Yunker

Drawing on findings from his 2010 Web Globalization Report Card, John Yunker, co-founder of Byte Level Research, shares insights on the best global web sites -from language trends, to navigation tips, to emerging trends. Web sites profiled include Facebook, Apple, Starbucks, and more…watch the “Secrets of the Best Global Websites” webinar replay…

What We Should Know About John Yunker:

John Yunker has worked with a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, as both a consultant and employee, most recently as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. He authored the first book devoted to the emerging field of web globalization, “Beyond Borders: Web Globalization Strategies,” and has spoken at numerous industry events. John is a fellow with the Society for New Communications Research. He has authored a number of landmark reports, including The Web Globalization Report Card.

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